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Hamilton and Ricciardo are waiting: 'Most important contract of my career'

Hamilton and Ricciardo are waiting
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E Actually, Lewis Hamilton's contract extension should be included Mercedes be wrapped up before the start of the season. Because no agreement was reached before the Australian GP, ​​talks were postponed for the time between the first and second races. But so far no great progress has been made.

Hamilton reveals: “We're still talking. And it won't happen this weekend. ”We heard that saying from Sebastian Vettel in Belgium last year. And then the German extended to Ferrari just one day later.

Hamilton insists that there will be no quick shot with him. Although he has as few alternatives as Mercedes. The two parties have ridden well together in the past, and there's no reason to break up the marriage at a moment when Mercedes is still leading the way on the track.

Hamilton awaits F1 future plan

Hamilton still doesn't want to rush anything: “I'm in no hurry. A lot of exciting things are happening in Formula 1 at the moment. Tomorrow we will talk about the future of Formula 1. I want to wait and see what comes out of it and where I am and how long I should commit myself. Only when I know the whole picture will I make a decision. This contract will be the most important of my career. I don't have that many years left in Formula 1.

That is the subtle hint from the world champion that he is already dealing with the time after racing. It is of course also a tactical means of signaling Mercedes: 'Look here, I have alternatives.' However, team boss Toto Wolff noticed after the winter break: 'I've never seen Lewis as motivated as now. This is not a racing driver who wants to stop. '

Ricciardo wants to wait until the European season

Daniel Ricciardo also has an important decision to make. The Australian has spent most of his racing life at Red Bull. But for the first time, he has real options. He would be the perfect team-mate for Vettel at Ferrari and an ideal complement to Hamilton at Mercedes.

Red Bull has set the Australian a deadline by which he must have made his choice. But it still seems to be some distance away. Experts predict the Monaco GP. Ricciardo's response to the contract questions suggests: “There won't be any news until we postCome to Europe. '


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