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Hamilton: & # 34; Don't know why I was fast & # 34;

McLaren puzzles
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L ewis Hamilton has a good record in Abu Dhabi with his second pole position improved after 2009. He draws level with Sebastian Vettel after training results. Now Hamilton is only missing the second victory to equalize Vettel in the race results. Abu Dhabi is Hamilton's route. In all four Grand Prix he always started from the front row. 'I just feel at home here and I know where to put the car in which corner.'

Everything went well

Why McLaren after four Red Bulls Wins in a row are suddenly back in front again, Hamilton couldn't say: 'To be honest, I don't know. We don't have any new parts here. The car felt phenomenal from the first lap of this weekend. We just had to fine-tune it . Nobody touched the car between the third practice session and qualification. '

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh attempted to explain:' We have been beaten below value in the last three races and made Red Bull look better than them This time everything was fine again. '

Jenson Button's sixth place on the grid, eight tenths of a second behind, makes the McLaren puzzle even more opaque. 'The car went fantastic in a racing trim. As soon as we ran out of fuel, the grip was gone. When you look at Lewis what lap time the car would have allowed, it's very frustrating.' Maybe it was because of the way the two drivers warmed their tires. Button was too hesitant. He only drove his fastest lap on the second attempt.

Hamilton copies Vettel trick

Lewis Hamilton had learned from the training defeat against Sebastian Vettel in 2011. 'This time Lewis was more aggressive on the warm-up lap than last year. This means that the tires have not cooled down so much in the dark.'

This was exactly the trick that Vettel took to pole position a year ago. This time this trick didn't work for the world champion. 'I should have driven two laps in a row,' recapitulated Vettel. 'The tires got up to temperature too slowly. That way I might have cracked Mark. I wouldn't have driven Lewis' time.'


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