Hamilton: & # 34; A win is possible & # 34;

McLaren aggressive
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N oh, the twists and turns in the last Grand Prix, McLaren had with the Starting positions three and four again showed a strong team performance. The British couldn't quite keep up with Red Bull's pace, but at least they left the Ferrari duo behind. Button was annoyed with problems similar to Alonso. He couldn't improve his time from Q2 in the last qualifying section.

Problems warming up the tires

'In Q2 I drove five timed laps, which worked pretty well. I struggled to get the tires to work. In Q3 I had a three lap strategy, which was fine for me. But I had problems with grip and understeer. The track had more grip, than we expected. '

In contrast to Alonso, Button didn't drive with used tires, but always with new ones. However, it took him three laps to get them to the correct operating temperature. On the other hand, the wear on Pirelli tires is limited. 'Most came here thinking it would be a two-stop strategy, but now a lot of people are counting on a one-stop strategy,' says Button.

McLaren confidently

While one is at Red Bull goes into the race cautiously optimistic, McLaren is aggressive and very self-confident. 'Our pace in the long run was very strong. That's why I think the race will be more exciting than some experts predict,' said team principal Martin Whitmarsh. Only Hamilton drove a long run on Friday. That was in the Red Bull division, but not exactly constant.

'At the start I have less to lose than Sebastian in front of me, so I'll definitely push,' says Hamilton. 'Seb has to worry more than I do. We have the pace in the race to keep up with the Red Bull, so I say: A win is definitely possible.'


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