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Half-time record ToroRosso: Between midfield and backbenchers

Dani Reinhardt
ToroRosso mid-term review
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I n last year, ToroRosso fought for space with Force India and Sauber six in the constructors' championship. This season, ToroRosso is not fighting anyone. The racing team from Faenza is experiencing a season like Williams 2011. The 290-man squad bobs around in ninth place. With a respectable distance to midfield, but a safe distance to Caterham. There were World Championship counters only in the first two Grand Prix. ToroRosso has had six points since the Malaysia GP. Since then, Daniel Ricciardo's eleventh place in Valencia has been the best result.

$ 25,000 fine for mindless action

It's not because of the stability. Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne are regular visitors. They only had to give up prematurely twice. Ricciardo in Monte Carlo with a steering defect, Vergne in Valencia after a stupid attack on Heikki Kovalainen. The FIA ​​grunted the Frenchman ten starting places and a fine of 25,000 dollars for his mindless action. In total, ToroRosso ranks fourth with 6,415 racing kilometers. That is impressive.

The car is simply too slow

Preparing the There is nothing wrong with cars. You are simply too slow. Or the two young drivers are unable to access the car's potential or precisely identify its weak points. Voices are already being heard that it would have been better to keep at least one of the two drivers from last year. As a reference point for the engineers and benchmark for the new driver in the team. Team advisor Helmut Marko weighs in: 'It's not up to the pilots. When it rains, they're quick. That shows us that they're stepping on the gas. The engineers went in the wrong direction with exhaust development.'

Bad traction is the main problem

In fact, the biggest problem with the ToroRosso STR7 is its bad traction. 'Fast corners are fairly easy,' confirms Ricciardo. The Australian took on 12th and 11th place on the grid at Silverstone and Hockenheim. Only in the race is not much going on. The ToroRosso pilots are stuck between 12th and 17th every time. Attempts to use an alternative strategy to get them out of the trap have mostly failed. As in Monte Carlo, as Vergnewas in seventh place shortly before the end. When the Frenchman lost too much time in the drizzle with his worn tires, ToroRosso played poker with intermediates. Unfortunately, the rain stopped again.

Too aggressive one, too cautious the other

At the beginning of the season things looked pretty good in the ToroRosso camp. Ricciardo put his car in sixth place on the grid in Bahrain. 'Because everything finally came together,' says Marko, explaining the positive outlier. Unfortunately, the Australian squandered his chances with a bad starting lap. 'He has to be even more aggressive,' said the team. Vergne is too aggressive for that. The engineers told him several times that he should take it a little easier in qualifying because that is good for the tires. Vergne regularly receives the receipt for his wild driving style. He already fell through the rust five times in Q1. With an average starting position of 16.82, he is in 18th place, far behind 17th Bruno Senna with 13.82 and teammate Ricciardo with 13.62.

Originally the exhaust was at engine height in the transition to the airbox and was cleverly blown onto the lower rear wing element by the nearby front wishbone of the rear axle. ToroRosso took advantage of a loophole in the regulations. The fairing may be opened within a radius of 25,000 square millimeters of the exhaust and 12,000 in the vicinity of the wishbones of the rear axle. ToroRosso placed the exhaust near the wishbones and was allowed to add the areas. This resulted in an air outlet of 37,000 square millimeters at a point where this would actually be forbidden.

James Key may be the new chief technology officer at ToroRosso

Later the ToroRosso Technicians switched to a Coanda shaft in the outer area of ​​the side pods. Lotus, Williams and Mercedes show that the old solution need not necessarily have been wrong. They still blow the exhaust gases inwards onto the lower wing in the rear. Team boss Franz Tost demands more downforce, because that solves many problems by themselves. You hear that the correlation between wind tunnel and racetrack is not always right. Technical director Giorgio Ascanelli was on leave before the GP Germany. There were differences to the racing strategy and technical development of the car. A successor has not yet been determined, but there are many indications that ex-clean engineer James Key could end up in Faenza. The biggest obstacle is likely to be the location. Key was not at home in Switzerland.


World Cup position: 9 (Vergne P17, Ricciardo P18)
World Cup points: 6
Victories: 0
Pole positions: 0
Fastest race lap: 0
Podiums: 0
Points placements: 2
Race kilometers: 6414.8 km (P4)
Leading kilometers: 0
Arrivals /failures : 20/2


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