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HaasF1 loses points in the Radius dispute: Grosjean disqualified

HaasF1 loses points in the radius dispute
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E s is the first disqualification Formula 1 since the Brazilian GP in 2015. At that time, Felipe Massa was taken out of the ranking due to low tire pressures on his Williams. Massa lost an 8th place. Almost three years later, Haas F1 and Romain Grosjean are caught. Five hours after the end of the race, Grosjean lost his 6th place. That brought Haas F1 past Renault to fourth place in the constructors' championship. For Renault internally a disgrace. 4th place is mandatory for the French.

It was Renault who protested against the US Ferrari. As in the Massa case, it was about a trifle. The runner of the sub-floor, called T-Tray in technical jargon, must have a radius of 50 millimeters on both sides including a two millimeter tolerance at the front end in accordance with Article 3.7.1d. The Haas F1 showed a deviation in this area, which, however, has no influence on the lap time.

There were several clarifications on this subject because three teams interpreted the FIA ​​rules differently. Therefore, the FIA ​​informed the teams in the technical directive TD /033-18 of July 25th how it intends to interpret the passage in the future. Associated with the request to comply with this interpretation by the Italian GP at the latest.

Haas F1 wanted a delay until Singapore

Haas F1 asked for a delay until the GP in consultation with FIA technical director Nikolas Tombazis Singapore. The US team argued that because of the summer break, the supplier of the part in question could not deliver to Monza within three weeks. Haas F1 hardly builds any parts itself due to its thin staffing and is 70 percent dependent on external companies. Renault paid close attention in Monzas and struck as soon as the race was over. The photos clearly showed that the Haas F1 was still driving the T-Tray with a non-compliant design.

Haas F1 presented the email correspondence with the FIA ​​technical delegates in his defense. This includes drawings of a modified floor in the sense of the FIA. The authority approved the proposal. Haas F1 therefore assumed that the postponement until Singapore had also been granted. Tombazis, however, told the stewards that, with all due understanding of the US racing team's manufacturing problems, he had verbally warned the aerodynamics director at Haas F1 that the team would run the risk of protest if the part was releasednot until Monza was changed. HaasF1 followed up and found the text of TD /033-18 still ambiguous. In their opinion, the date of Monza would be suspended until a final clarification would not warrant a delay until Singapore. After all, at least one participant was able to change the T-tray in line with the rules up to Monza.

Scoring has been postponed

Therefore, the car with starting number 8 is illegal and should be taken out of the ranking . All participants behind Grosjean move up one place. Force India got 14 points, Renault four, and both Williams landed in the points. This means that Sergey Sirotkin is now in the table with World Championship points.

Renault is now back in 4th place with 86 points. HaasF1 remains seated on 76 points. The protest further poisons the mood in the paddock. Renault is one of the teams that make the front against the US subsidiary of Ferrari. You feel that you are being treated unfairly because you build the whole car yourself, while HaasF1 uses the Ferrari kit. HaasF1, on the other hand, does not want Force India to receive the attendance bonus (pillar 1) of 33 million dollars as the “new” team. Whether the Americans are treated particularly severely in a kind of educational measure is speculation.


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