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HaasF1 approaches Renault: Telemetry failure at Grosjean

HaasF1 approaches Renault
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H aasF1 is approaching the 100-point Brand. For the eleventh time in the 17th race of the season, the US racing team presented itself with points. Romain Grosjean was the eighth driver to cross the finish line at the GP Japan 2018. This result increased the points account to 84 points. Team boss Guenther Steiner summed up: “We got three points more than Renault. That's the main thing. ”HaasF1 still has four Grand Prix to push Renault from fourth place in the constructors' championship. And to make the 100 points.

The GP Japan was not an easy one for the still young Formula 1 racing team. Kevin Magnussen was no longer a candidate for points after two laps. The Dane defended himself hard on the home stretch, pulled Charles Leclerc in front of the car at the last moment and paid for it with a slashed left rear tire.

Leclerc vs. Magnussen

Leclerc couldn't evade at full throttle and thundered the HaasF1 into the rear. Magnussen hobbled back to his team. The shredded tires damaged the underbody, brake ventilation and rear wing. The damage later forced him to give up. Leclerc raved about Magnussen's driving style on the radio.

The former McLaren and Renault driver described the incident as follows: “Leclerc had slipstream, I walled up the inside lane, he followed me first, but then pulled back to the left and slit open my rear wheel. Unfortunately, something like that sometimes happens in racing. ”Steiner defended the robust driving style of his pilot. 'Leclerc just drove into the back of him.' The race stewards saw none of the drivers fully to blame and waived penalties.

Grosjean flying blind

Magnussen distributed debris and moved the Haas command post in concern. The telemetry was down. The engineers saw neither tire temperatures nor tire pressures. Because Grosjean's car kept moving slightly, HaasF1 feared a creeping flat tire - triggered by a piece of debris. The worst fears did not materialize. It was still a blind flight. On lap 29, Grosjean swapped tires for the only time.

HaasF1 just fended off Force India's undercut with Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon. “It was perfect timing,” Steiner praised. “We definitely didn't want to slip behind Leclerc and therefore waited longer. It turned out perfectly. ”The Haas engineers reacted as soon as Perez overtook the Monegasque.

NeverthelessPerez slipped through in the end. After the VSC phase, he overtook Grosjean. The Frenchman was too careful under VSC and lost two seconds. “Romain has to be careful. He already has nine penalty points. He stayed on the safe side, ”said Steiner. Under double yellow, however, Perez was three tenths slower.

Renault worried

HaasF1 leaves Suzuka with a positive feeling. “The speed was good, as was the tactics. We're faster than Renault. ”The French works racing team only scored one point with Carlos Sainz. Nico Hülkenberg gave up with a damage in the rear. Renault has not made any progress in the last few races. There is style. You are slowly getting the impression that nervousness is creeping in in Enstone and Viry-Châtillon.

The atmosphere in the team is tense. 'We knew that we would suffer in Sochi and Suzuka,' says team boss Cyril Abiteboul, who admits at the same time. “Not all of our recent developments have taken off. In one area of ​​the vehicle we upgraded to see whether the aero part is responsible for the poor vehicle balance. ”In which area the Frenchman doesn't want to reveal Distribution of rights holders. Maybe HaasF1 will get eight points back on the green table. On the Thursday after the Mexican GP, ​​the disqualification of Monza will be negotiated in Paris. “We have prepared well. Nobody can say how it will end. If we didn't believe in our chance, we would not have protested against the disqualification, ”says Steiner. “We want to overtake Renault in the USA and Mexico. It's entirely up to us. ”For the home race in Austin, the engineers are giving the VF-18 the last updates of the season.


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