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Haas VF-22 for the 2022 F1 season: pictures and info

Haas has shared the first images of his real F1 racer from the shakedown in Barcelona. With the computer graphics released two weeks earlier, the real VF-22 doesn't have much in common. We will show you the real car and the fake pictures.

The excitement was great when Haas was the first team ever to present its new car on February 4th. The computer images gave a first impression of what fans can expect from the new racing car generation. Today, however, we know that the renderings from back then had little to do with the real VF-22. Those responsible initially only spoke of a first look at the new paintwork. However, team boss Guenther Steiner later confirmed that the car was at an earlier stage of development.

It's hard to imagine when you look at the photos of the real racing car. On Monday (February 21), the VF-22 left the garage for the first time in all its glory at the shakedown in Barcelona. And what came to light caused astonished looks. The car was barely recognizable when compared to the version shown two weeks earlier.

Especially on the front end, Haas had really tricked his computer pictures. In reality, the nose looks much bulkier and not quite as angular at the tip. The engineers completed a complete 180° turn in the shape of the front wing. As with the Ferrari, the flaps run almost horizontally and no longer in a high arc.

Ferrari side pods light

The computer designers also cheated on the side pods. The cooling inlets are significantly larger than initially thought. From a bird's-eye view, an early retraction of the paneling in the rear could also be seen. In reality, this is much less extreme. The real sidepods curve in a wide arc. Similar to the Ferrari, a depression forms on the upper side, but it is not quite as pronounced. The cooling fins were not visible on the first pictures either.

At the top of the airbox there are more similarities with the Italian partner team. The triangular air intake is almost a 1:1 copy of the Ferrari. As with the F1-75, vertical fins are mounted right next to it. Attached winglets can also be seen further down on the edge of the cockpit, with which the air is directed to the rear. Compared to the original model, the mirror mounts have been given an aerodynamically optimized shape.

An interesting feature can also be found on the back of the fairing. The rules actually require a small fin on the bonnet to show the start number larger. At Haas, this fin stands on two small struts so that the fairing underneath can be opened for another cooling outlet. We have never seen that in any other car. The start number has been glued to the fairing below.

But the presentation model wasn't completely unnecessary either. The type of suspension (pushrod at the front, pullrod at the rear) corresponds to reality. And the double rear wing support can also be found on the real VF-22.

Steiner exudes optimism

Team boss Steiner is really looking forward to the first showdown in Barcelona, ​​which begins on February 23: "We all know what this team is capable of. We've already proven that in the past. With the With a new car that comes from a whole new set of regulations I'm confident we can fight again at race weekends.Last season felt like a long time for us but I think 2022 will bring us back to the music with the VF-22 are."

Head of Technology Simone Resta reveals that there have been other challenges to be mastered in addition to the development of the car in recent months: "In terms of complexity, this is probably the most demanding project that the Haas team has ever dealt with. The rules are completely new. And we put together a whole new team for the development of the VF-22. Not all of the employees have come, but a large number have come. In addition, we have set up a new structure. We are in one now It's very early in development and we'll be working on this car together for a whole year. If you look at where we started, this team is already a success."

Mick Schumacher is also optimistic that he will finally get his first championship points of his career this season: "The hope is there that everyone is closer together and that we can compete against each other. But we don't know how much we will the early start of development brings. The other teams don't work with fools either. We have to wait and see. Hopefully we have something on the car that gives us a small advantage, at least at the beginning."


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