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Haas test at Silverstone: images of the real VF-23

Haas did the first test laps with the new VF-23 at Silverstone. After the presentation initially only showed the paintwork on a fake model, there were finally pictures of Nico Hülkenberg's real company car.

The 2023 Formula 1 season is casting its shadow. It's slowly getting loud again on the racetracks of this world. After Alfa Romeo (Barcelona) and Red Bull (Silverstone) had completed their shakedowns with their new cars on Friday, Haas also dared to come out of cover on Saturday (February 11). The US team also published a few pictures from the first test laps at Silverstone.

At the first presentation almost two weeks earlier, the fans only got a first glimpse of the new paint job. It was evident that the new VF-23 has significantly fewer white areas and a lot of black to offer. At that time, the engineers did not want to reveal what had happened technically. But the cards are finally being revealed.

First technical details of the VF-23

The shakedown pictures that have now been published show that Haas has only cautiously developed his car further. The aero concept with the wide and high sidepods, which have a trough on the top, stays the same. The so-called "inwash philosophy", in which the air in the rear is directed centrally onto the lower wing element, was also followed by Ferrari last year.

Compared to the previous model, however, the trough is no longer quite as elegantly curved. Instead, air is routed through a slightly more contoured duct over the sidepod. The shape of the fin on top of the hood has also changed. In addition, the new mirror mounts catch the eye.

What you don't see in the pictures is the diet cure under the disguise. After the Haas had significantly exceeded the weight specification in the previous year, the car should finally be at the limit in 2023. The new paint job – or should I say the non-existent paint job – also helped with the slimming down. The black areas are simply the bare carbon.

100-kilometer test at Silverstone

Kevin Magnussen was allowed to complete the maiden voyage at the Silverstone shakedown. The Dane had previously visited the Banbury factory with Nico Hülkenberg and taken a souvenir photo with the new car and the employees there. The engineers were already collecting aerodynamic data on the first test laps. For this purpose, it was checked whether the cooling works as planned.

Hulkenberg will do his first laps with the new car two days before the test in Bahrain, when the team is doing a so-called film day. But the first real endurance test will only come in just under two weeks, when testing begins in Bahrain on February 23. Team boss Guenther Steiner has declared sixth place as his goal for the season. Those responsible hope that the experienced staff in the cockpit will help to get the maximum number of points out of the new car.


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