Haas F1 driver: Gutierrez officially confirmed

Second Haas F1 driver
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E in big secret was the question about the second Haas F1 -Pilot no longer. The decision for Esteban Gutierrez was made shortly after the summer break. The team responsible had always emphasized that they wanted to use a Ferrari test driver. When the presentation of the second pilot for the Mexico weekend was announced, everything was clear at the latest.

Gutierrez new teammate from Grosjean

So it fit into the picture that the shuttle driver who transported the journalists from the paddock to the Haas presentation in the Soumaya Museum spoke of the Gutierrez event even before the event. A little later, the 24-year-old driver sat on stage with team boss Guenther Steiner and team founder Gene Haas.

'I got to know Esteban through my connection to Ferrari. It was clear that he would be an excellent choice for us Team is. He is young and hungry, but not inexperienced. His 2 years in Formula 1 have made him more mature. And through the season as third driver at Ferrari he was able to learn how Ferrari works and how it became such a good team ', Haas justified the commitment.

Gutierrez believes in Haas F1 project

Gutierrez thanked him for the trust. 'This is a great opportunity for me that builds on my Ferrari time and I will make the most of it. Gene Haas believes in me and I believe in the way he approaches the Formula One project. A regular cockpit To have a competitive car with a Ferrari engine is something special. '

It is not known whether sponsors played a role in the deal as well as the connection to Ferrari. It would suggest that Gutierrez sponsor Carlos Slim also sat on stage at the announcement. 'We can be very proud of our Telcel Racing Team - not only from the point of view of Mexican motorsport but for sport in Mexico in general,' said the entrepreneur patriotically.


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