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Grosjean vs. Schumi: & # 34; A completely normal racing accident & # 34;

Grosjean vs. Schumi
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S auber team manager Beat Zehnder is still angry. 'Grosjean should have deserved a penalty. He drove against two cars and in the end he threw our Kobayashi out. If you punish Schumacher in Barcelona, ​​why does Grosjean get away with it?'

That question has arisen some placed in the paddock. Schumacher shrugs his shoulders: 'I don't worry about that. Why should I be angry about things that are in the past and that I can't change anyway.'

Grosjean sees no guilt with himself

Only Romain Grosjean cannot see any fault in his ping-pong game at 200 km /h. 'There were four cars next to each other. There is no room for that in Monte Carlo. It was like a bumper car. I would say a completely normal racing accident.' The Frenchman, who lives in Switzerland, only condescends to self-criticism: 'If I had had a better start, I would not have gotten into this mess in the first place.' According to his statement, Grosjean wanted Fernando Alonso's Ferrari just dodge, and then he got in the way of Michael Schumacher, who was charging from outside. 'I did not see him.' Not true, claim its critics. The TV recordings from the front clearly show that Grosjean is slowly pulling further and further to the left.

If he had continued on this line, he would have hit the crash barrier at the end of the home straight, which makes an abrupt bend to the right. 'At least he must have guessed that Michael was there,' believes Zehnder. Nico Rosberg, on the other hand, would acquit Grosjean: 'Romain could not have known that Michael was on his left.'

Four enemy contact in the initial phase

On impact with the right front wheel The left rear wheel of the Mercedes buckled on the Lotus. The silver arrow swallows the touch like a tank. 'That depends on the angle of impact,' says Grosjean. 'If things don't go well, harmless contact can do a lot of damage. Our car doesn't always break down.' Wrong, Mr Grosjean. In Melbourne, the Lotus pilot came into the enclosure with Pastor Maldonado on the first lap. The Williams could go on. The suspension on the Lotus was crooked.

When asked why he had so often crashes in the first few laps, Grosjean was not very specific about the answer. 'What does often mean here? It was only three times. The collision with Maldonado wasn't my fault. Den.'Turning in Michael's car in Malaysia is my responsibility. And Monaco was, as I said, a racing accident. '

The 2011 GP2 champion suppresses one incident. In Barcelona, ​​he slit a tire for Sergio Perez in the fray of the first corner Guy already has two of our drivers on his conscience. '


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