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Grosjean & amp; Maldonado: crash duo gives away 63 points

Error balance from Grosjean and Maldonado
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G If there were a mood barometer in Formula 1, then you would have Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado little joy. They have few friends among colleagues anyway. Many of the 22 rivals curse them. This is because Grosjean and Maldonado are always in the thick of it when there is a crash somewhere.

Sergio Perez is their preferred victim. In Barcelona, ​​Grosjean slit a rear tire in the third corner. At Silverstone, Maldonado bumped him off the runway. The Mexican could have scored high on both occasions. It was understandable that after his failure at the British GP he said in his first anger into the TV microphones: 'Maldonado drives like an idiot. If he is not even punished properly, he will never learn.' Maldonado countered coldly: 'I don't know what he wants? That was a normal racing accident. The car broke out before me.'

Maldonado loses more from crashes than Grosjean

Despite that The two crash pilots rank 7th and 10th in the World Championship with a high error rate. Grosjean has already collected 61 World Championship points. He got away with a black eye in two of his five collisions. His opponents don't. Nevertheless, the Frenchman has so far been spared penalties in the Lotus.

Maldonado is always a victim. And that in a double sense. He is either eliminated himself or falls so far behind that points are no longer an option. Often it also imposes penalties. In Monte Carlo for a collision with Sergio Perez in training before the start. In Valencia 20 seconds on the total time. At Silverstone 10,000 euros and a warning. How many actually already? It's the second yellow card. The next offense Maldonado could be suspended from a race. Nevertheless, the Venezuelan is already with 29 points. It could have been a lot more, because five times through his own fault he lost safe counters.

Grosjean without mistakes at Rosberg level

We took a closer look at the register of sins and counted them the points together that Grosjean and Maldonado left behind through their own fault. First the case of Grosjean, which always takes place in the first laps of the race.

Melbourne, lap 1: Crash with Maldonado

Grosjean has to have a bent front suspension give up, Maldonado continues. The Lotus driver blames his opponent: 'He hit my bike.' Maldonado shrugged: 'Medo not understand why the lotus breaks so quickly. It was just a light touch. 'Grosjean had started from third place in Australia. Even after his weak start, a pessimistic assumption would have made 6th place possible. Loss of 8 points.

Sepang, lap 1 and 4: Crash with Schumacher, end in the gravel bed

In an attack on Schumacher, the Frenchman drives the German on the rear wheel. Both turn and fall back to positions 16 and 19. Three laps later, he flies Grosjean into the gravel trap without any outside interference. Let's assume that the mistake would have happened to him anyway. So no point loss.

Barcelona, ​​round 1: collision with Perez

Monte Carlo, lap 1: initial collision with Alonso, Schumacher and Kobayashi

Grosjean comes off badly, first wants to fend off Alonso, then Schumacher, hits both cars and stands in the middle of the field. As he rolls back, he slips into Kobayashi's track. For the Sauber pilot, the suspension bends when jumping over Grosjeans rear wheel. Kobayashi has to give up a little later. For Grosjean, it's over soon. Even if he had to position himself behind Schumacher at the start, he could still have finished seventh. Loss: 6 points.

Silverstone, 1st lap: collision with Massa and di Resta

Grosjean draws the short straw in the duel against Massa. When trying to fend off the following Di Resta, he hits the Force India with the front wing on the rear wheel. The Scot had to get out after two laps because the tattered tire tore off half the diffuser. Grosjean turns to the pits after two laps to change wings. This forces him to adopt an emergency strategy with an early second stop on lap 26. Nevertheless, he still comes in sixth. The Frenchman had the speed to fight for third place with Vettel. 4th place was definitely possible. With that he gives away 4 counters.

In total, Grosjean could have 18 points more on the account. He would then be 79 points ahead of Nico Rosberg in sixth place in the overall standings.

Maldonado would have more than doubled the points

Pastor Maldonado will be even more annoyed if he adds up the points he has thrown away through careless mistakes and stupidities. Here is his list of horrors.

Melbourne, lap 58: crash without enemy contact

After the collision with Grosjean in the first lap had no consequences, Maldonado hung in the final lap of the GP Australia in the slipstream of Alonso's Ferrari. In a quick left turn, he hits a curb and, in sixth place, flies into the wall at full speed. Loss: 8 points.

Sepang, lap 1: collision with Senna, lap 14

Error during pit stop. In the starting lap the two Williams crashes. Senna pits, Maldonado can continue. After the restart, the Venezuelan missed his box when changing tires on lap 14, continued and was back one lap later. That costs him 21.6 seconds net. In the end he finished 19th. Despite the additional stop after round 1, colleague Senna was still sixth. Maldonado could have done that too. The lap times prove that he had the same speed as Senna. So again 8 points were given away.

Monte Carlo, lap 1: collision with De la Rosa

Maldonado already had the first blackout in the third training session. He drives Perez in the car, probably on purpose. Makes ten starting places penalty transfer. Since the gearbox is also changed, the Monaco specialist starts from the very back. In Ste. Dévote he thunders the HRT from de la Rosa in the stern. Out. If we believe the Williams technicians, who considered a place in the top 5 possible in terms of pure speed, then 10 points went up again.

Valencia, lap 56, collision with Hamilton

At the behest of the pits, Maldonado has to protect the tires up to five laps before the end. Then he gets going, is two seconds per lap faster than Hamilton, who is fighting a losing battle with worn tires. Instead of waiting, Maldonado tries the crowbar at the first opportunity. Hamilton is out, the Williams driver takes tenth place with the front wing torn off. The stewards hum to him for 20 seconds. So he falls out of the points. Maldonado would easily have finished third. 15 points in the sand.

Silverstone, lap 12: Collision with Perez

The Sauber driver is significantly faster. Nevertheless, Maldonado is fighting back with all his might. The two take turn 6 in parallel flight. The Williams turns and hits the Sauber. As usual, Maldonado can continue the race while the other has to get out. The forced pit stop on lap 12 means that Maldonado has to finish the race on a set of hard tires. No chance, of course. He finished 16th, one lap behind. As he was 7th ahead of Hamilton, Senna and Hulkenberg at the time of the incident with Perez, he could have been at least eighth. Loss: 4 points.

Adding up the missed opportunities at Maldonado results in 45 points. More than he has collected in nine races so far. The Williams driver would have 74 points in a perfect season. That is on Nico Rosberg's level. Or what Romain Grosjean could have done.

In our photo gallery we have again collected a few crash pictures of Grosjean and Maldonado.


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