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Grid Girls GP USA 2015: Cowgirls Gone with the Wind

Grid Girls GP USA 2015
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N oh the impressions on Saturday and early Sunday morning you had to are already afraid for the girls in the supporting program of the Austin race. In addition to the usual load of grid girls, the organizer also had the cheerleaders of the Dallas Cowboys football team dance. It is well known that doubles are better. Given the adverse weather conditions, that wasn't a bad idea either.

Grid Girls are not in the rain

It had rained continuously for almost 48 hours in central Texas. Only a few hours before the race did the sky stop the constant precipitation. But that didn't mean the Grid Girl service was going to be a walk in the park. A stiff breeze blew across the grid. The signs had to be held firmly with both hands. Otherwise there was a risk of accidents.

The ladies could no longer worry about such mundane things as their own hairstyle while clutching the bars. All the funnier pictures can be found this time in our Grid Girl gallery.


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