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Grid Girls GP Malaysia 2015: Hot weather, hot girls

Grid Girls GP Malaysia 2015
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D he grid girls didn't have an easy job on race Sunday. The sun was relentlessly heating up the girls on the grid, and the humidity was a problem for them. Even if it didn't feel as high as in previous years. With an air temperature of 33 degrees, the grid girls did their job with confidence.

Grid girls smuggled water bottles in the starting grid

In the starting grid they posed diligently for the cameramen and photographers. Always garnished with a beautiful smile. The Grid Girls never lost their poise. But wait a minute: It's never quite right.

Like a cheat sheet for class work, many a girl smuggled a water bottle onto the starting grid. And took a sip away from the camera. Sometimes the bottle was simply built into the display.

In our picture gallery we show you the grid girls of the GP Malaysia 2015.


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