Grid Girls GP China 2015: Shanghai Model Show

Grid Girls GP China 2015
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F ormel 1 tradition has yet to develop in China . The fans in the main stand got the most booming when a large dance and acrobatics show was performed on the home straight before the start. On the other hand, during the sporting part of the race Sunday that followed, many spectators were somewhat bored and typing on their cell phones.

Politically correct grid girl troop

The show program before the - admittedly somewhat uneventful - race was of course part of the show also the invasion of the grid girls. Nowhere else do the women take their places on the starting line-up so militarily correctly. The Schilder troop had previously marched through the paddock in lockstep.

In high-necked dresses - with a red pattern of course - the girls posed politically correct for the photographers. Although 'posing' might be saying too much. Apparently the girls had been ordered to always turn their heads towards the starting lights. Some grid girls kept their eyes straight ahead, regardless of the angle from which the photographers pulled the trigger.

In our gallery we show you the most beautiful pictures of the models from Shanghai.


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