Grid Girls GP Brazil 2017
Grid Girls GP Brazil 2017
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I n Interlagos is a must when it comes to weather known to be prepared for anything. Sudden showers are not uncommon here. After the girls were still shaking under umbrellas in 2017, this year they got a jacket from the main sponsor. But with 28 ° C and bright sunshine, the long-sleeved items of clothing could be casually tossed over their shoulders.

Unfortunately, a grid girl left work a little earlier this year. The lady with the number 44 on the sign had to leave the grid early. She had positioned herself at the very end of the home straight, but waited in vain for the newly crowned world champion. As is well known, Lewis Hamilton drove out of the pit lane. He didn't need a signpost for the few meters to his starting position.

Verstappen tows Grid Girl
This lady was still on the grid in 2016 as Max Verstappen's grid girl. This year, Jos Verstappen's friend was in the Red Bull garage.

Not just since top model Giselle Bündchen has envied everyone World Brazil for its beautiful daughters. By the way, Jos Verstappen also succumbed to the magic of the hot Sao Paulo girls. The Dutch Formula 1 father had gotten to know the sign lady of his son a little better last year. Since then, the exotic beauty can be seen regularly at the racetrack at the side of Verstappen Sr..

The other women were even more busy. The photographers couldn't get enough of the hot girls. The girls did not ask twice and posed extensively for themF1 paparazzi. As always, the most beautiful pictures of the women can be found in our large Grid Girl gallery.


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