Grid Girls GP Abu Dhabi 2010

Grid Girls - GP Abu Dhabi 2010
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A ls grid girl one has it in Abu Dhabi really not easy. The sun is shining from above. The asphalt is burning from below. And whether the heat above 30 ° C is not bad enough, the organizer also puts the pretty sign holders in the Etihad airline's stewardess uniform.

Stewardesses on the starting grid

As the sponsor asked for it, the beauties stood sweating with hats, long-sleeved costumes, neckerchiefs and leather gloves in their assigned seats on the home stretch and tried desperately to think cool our photographers in the paddock were also able to take pictures of loads of other girls basking in the glamor of Formula 1. Most of the time you were less buttoned up and you mostly posed with light clothes on. We have summarized the hottest girls for you in a photo show.


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