Grid Girls: Formula 1 girls in the spotlight

Grid Girls
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I n Singapore, outside of air-conditioned rooms, it cannot be endured for long. Even after sunset, temperatures of over 30 ° C and humidity values ​​in the sauna infusion area ensure immediate outbreaks of sweat. However, there was no mercy for the girls on the grid. 'Hold position and signs' was the motto. And of course don't forget to smile.

That the local girls cut such a good figure in spite of the exertion was certainly also due to the lifelong acclimatization. Visitors from more moderate climes could only marvel at the endurance. At Red Bull, out of sympathy for the girls, the mechanics even had extra chilled drinks ready. Perhaps the tough guys just wanted to ingratiate themselves with the girls who posed around Vettel and Webber's cars.

Miss Universe in the Formula 1 paddock

On pretty There was certainly no shortage of women this weekend. In addition to the start number girls, numerous beauties were spotted in the paddock. Including even a beauty queen. The newly minted Miss Universe did the honors and paid the teams a visit.

In our photo show we have collected the best pictures of the queens of the night for you. Have fun clicking through.


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