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GP Turkey (Formula 1) - Latest news, pictures and interviews

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W he in Brazil and Singapore, the unusual direction of travel means that there are more left than right turns . The drivers notice this in an unusual strain on the neck and neck muscles. One bend stands out in Istanbul, however: Turn 8 - a long, very fast corner with several vertices - is one of the most exciting passages of the entire season.

At 250 km /h and as little braking as possible, it goes in Ideally through the courage passage. A good balance of the car is important for a faultless and fast lap. Fortunately, thanks to the generously dimensioned asphalt run-off zones, not every braking person results in a cancellation.

The fastest passage on the lap designed by the German route architect is, for once, not the start-finish straight. The long curve ten forms the top value at 315 km /h. There is enough space for duels everywhere on the track, which is up to 21 meters wide. Significant height differences increase the degree of difficulty for the pilots.

The setup requires a relatively soft car, as the curbs in the narrow passages must be included in the ideal line. In terms of grip level, downforce level and brake wear, the circuit, 60 kilometers outside Istanbul, is rather average. Only the full throttle share is relatively high at 63%.


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