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GP Spain 2012 (race analysis): Marussia helps Maldonado to win

GP Spain 2012 (race analysis)
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Why did Alonso not react immediately to the Williams -Attack?

D he decision in Barcelona was made in the 25th round. One lap earlier, Pastor Maldonado drove to the second tire change while in second place. When Fernando Alonso drove past the pits it was clear that he would lose his lead as soon as he was with his mechanics. One lap later the time had come.

But why didn't Alonso go straight to the change. 'Actually, we always wanted to react directly,' said the Spaniard afterwards. 'But when Williams stopped, I was stuck one and a half laps behind a Marussia. When we saw that I had already landed behind Pastor in the second sector, we wanted to do a few more laps so that we might be able to do it towards the end of the race to get a chance. '

Alonso doesn't put the entire blame on the careless Charles Pic, who later got a drive-through penalty from the race management. 'We didn't lose the win because of the Marussia. We should have overtaken Pastor in the last stint, but we just didn't have the pace. They were faster than us. But we certainly got a bit off plan because of the backbencher.'

Why did Lotus take off until late?

The two Lotus drivers lost out in the first half of the race. No chance for Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean to keep up with the pace of the two top drivers. Only after the second tire change did the black and gold cars ignite the turbo. 'The explanation is very simple,' analyzed team owner Gerard Lopez afterwards. 'We couldn't cope with the soft tires.' Only with the change to the tough Pirellis did things move forward.

'At first we didn't have them in the right working window either. It only went off when the temperature was right,' says Lopez. But why did you switch to the soft rubbers again at the first stop? 'After training, we thought that they would work well for us and be faster.' If you had known beforehand that this thesis was wrong, there would have been the first Lotus victory. Despite the tactical error, Raikkonen landed at the finish just 3.8 seconds behind Maldonado.

Why did Red Bull need two new noses?

AtRed Bull didn't just change tires at the stops. Both Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have new noses installed. But what was the reason for it? 'I don't know', Sebastian Vettel shrugged his shoulders first. 'I suddenly had understeer. It felt like something was broken. Or there was rubber stuck between the wings.' It was only when team boss Christian Horner asked, 'Sebastian had caught a piece of rubble from Michael Schumacher.' Why the wing was only changed at the last stop 30 laps later remains a mystery.

With Mark Webber, even two hours after the race, it was not yet possible to say why the nose change was necessary. 'We still have to investigate', Horner put off the questioning journalists. Webber himself could not provide any clarification either. 'Whatever the reason. I was completely out of step because of the problem with my nose,' recalls the Australian. Webber lost eight places due to the stop. Towards evening the theory grew that the wing defect was an assembly error.

Who was to blame for the Schumi Crash?

Once again a crash by Michael Schumacher occupied the experts and the race management. The record champion collided with Bruno Senna on lap twelve. At first glance it looked as if Schumi had just crashed into his opponent's back. 'If you look closely, you can see that he is changing lanes in the braking zone. He pulled into me to the left,' Schumi grumbled to the surprise of many.

The record man was pretty much alone with this opinion in the paddock. The FIA ​​stewards also blamed Schumi and ordered him to be relegated by five starting positions at the next race in Monaco. Despite the hostility, Senna even tried to protect his opponent. Schumacher was able to brake much later with the new tires and was perhaps surprised by the early deceleration, according to Senna's theory.

Goods the two drive-through fines entitled?

Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel had to make an extra lap through the pit lane in Spain. Afterwards, neither of them could understand the drive-through penalty. 'I saw the yellow flags,' Vettel defended himself. The TV pictures, however, showed that he raced past the Schumacher accident site with the DRS wing open. The top speed showed that Vettel did not - or not enough - slow down.

'I was allowed to use DRS for the last time five laps before, and of course I was faster with less fuel,' he apologized Champion. Massa also claimed to have paid attention to security despite the DRS wing being open. 'I was in the middle of a crowd and I was suredid not think of overtaking anyone. You should pay more attention to the details. '

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