GP Russia 2015 - race result

GP Russia 2015 (race result)
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T he world championship is almost over. Lewis Hamilton secured his next win at the Russian GP. It was 42nd in his career so far and one of the easier.

Rosberg out with gas pedal problems

Hamilton profited from the early failure of his team mate Nico Rosberg. The pole setter defended his lead in a close duel after the start. But then Rosberg was overtaken by bad luck. The gas pedal went crazy. Because the return spring was on strike, the pedal only slowly returned to its starting position.

Powerless, Rosberg had to let the competitors pass him before he parked his car in the pits at the end of the seventh lap. 'I noticed right away in the first safety car phase that something was broken on the accelerator', reported a visibly dejected driver. 'That's not funny. It then got worse and worse. At the end I had to pull my leg all the way up to slow down the gas. In the end, I even had to turn the car off completely, otherwise it would have exploded in the rev limiter. Now, of all things, when the start once worked perfectly. That is very disappointing. '

In the World Cup, Rosberg hardly has any more chances. He is 73 points behind. With his win, Hamilton now has 302 points after 15 races. The Briton can already celebrate his third world championship in Austin. Provided that in the coming race he scores nine points more than Sebastian Vettel, who overtook Nico Rosberg with his second place and has 236 points.

Hülkenberg causes a collision at the start

Right at the start of the GP Russia there was kind of kindling. Nico Hulkenberg lost control of his Force India on the outside when he turned into the first corner. The Le Mans winner turned in the middle of the lane with his face to the other drivers. Not all could evade. Max Verstappen got a grazing shot. It was even worse for Marcus Ericsson, who slammed the left side of the vehicle fully into the right flank of the Force India. As a result, both cars got stuck and both drivers had to give up.

'I already had a bad start. My tires spun too much when I started. When I braked for the second corner I tried to attack from the outside, but I did the tires on the rear axle blocked and I twisted myself in, 'said Hulkenberg.' Something like thatcan happen at the start when you hit the dirty line with cold tires and a lot of fuel. That was a mixture of bad luck and braking too late. '

Grosjean with a heavy impact in Turn 3

Even after the first safety car phase, the action didn't stop On lap 12, Romain Grosjean took a spectacular turn in the third corner, probably triggered by the reduced grip in the turbulence of Jenson Button's McLaren-Honda. In the fast left-hand corner, the Grosjean broke. When the driver corrected, he got in the Lotus Then he was pushed onto the scraps of tires next to the racing line, where Grosjean finally lost control.

His car slammed into the Tecpro barriers with full force, and the impact of the Lotus was dismantled into its individual parts Luckily Grosjean was able to get out of his car on his own. In order to be able to sweep the carbon parts off the track, the safety car had to be deployed a second time.

At the restart, Sebastian Vettel acted as he did after the first safety Car phase according to Kimi Raikkonen Once the Heppenheimer sat on the inside in the Ferrari duel. Raikkonen could only parry his attack by shortening the curve. Later, however, the Iceman had to voluntarily relinquish his position to his teammate.

Mercedes wins constructors' cup early

Hamilton was In the meantime, Valtteri Bottas is still in sight. Vettel grabbed the Williams driver with a better strategy. He stayed longer on his first set of tires and made up the decisive seconds after Bottas had switched to Softs. Until the finish, Vettel caught up with Hamilton, who was already taking off. The gap was 5.9 seconds after 53 laps.

Sergio Perez surprisingly raced onto the podium. The Mexican was one of 4 drivers who used the second safety car phase to change tires early. Perez fought hard to get to the podium. After all, he had to do 40 laps on the soft tire. But he was also lucky. In the penultimate lap, the Mexican lost two positions to Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen. On the last lap, however, the two Finns collided and cleared the way for Perez.

Felipe Massa crossed the finish line in fourth place in his Williams. After his poor qualifying, the veteran started the race from 15th position, but benefited from the numerous incidents. Kimi Räikkönen brought his demolished Ferrari over the line in fifth place, but the Iceman was subsequently given a 30-second penalty for colliding with Bottas. That not only washed Raikkonen back to 8th place. It also ensured that Mercedes was able to defend the title in the constructors' cup early.

Russian marshals bring themselves inDanger to life

Daniil Kvyat moved up to 5th place, to the delight of the Russian fans and in front of the eyes of President Vladimir Putin. Felipe Nasr collected eight points after a courageous race and thanks to the Raikkonen penalty on the Sauber account. The Brazilian was even briefly in second place during the pit stop phase. In the end, he finished 6th. Pastor Maldonado also benefited in 7th place from the downgrade of the Iceman.

Jenson Button finished 9th behind Raikkonen. Fernando Alonso rolled over the line in 10th place in his 250th GP weekend. But after the race, the FIA ​​commissioners gave the Spaniard a 5-second time penalty for repeatedly taking short cuts off the track. With that Max Verstappen took over the last championship point. Alonso finished eleventh.

Carlos Sainz, who was given the go-ahead in the morning after his serious training accident the day before, was unlucky. A few laps before the end he had massive braking problems, which resulted in two spins. One of them at the scene of the accident on Saturday in turn 13. The rear wing of his Toro Rosso broke.

Sainz distributed a side wall on the track. A marshal put himself in mortal danger during the rescue. Sebastian Vettel rushed past him at the point. 'Now we know that there are courageous Russian marshals,' commented the Ferrari driver dryly.


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