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GP Monaco 2015 (race result): Hamilton loses victory to Rosberg

GP Monaco 2015 (race result)
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L the fans were waiting for during the Grand Prix of Monaco in vain for action. Patience was only rewarded 15 laps before the end. At first, everything looked like a sovereign start-to-finish victory for Lewis Hamilton. But then Max Verstappen crashed into Romain Grosjean's rear and hit the guardrail in the Saint Devote corner.

Wrong decision by Mercedes

The subsequent safety car phase turned into a disaster for Hamilton. Mercedes pitted the leader, but not second-placed Nico Rosberg. The tactic of the safety stop totally went wrong. Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel were able to pass. After the restart, Hamilton got stuck in third place despite fresher tires.

With this, Rosberg not only celebrated his second win of the season in a row, but also the third Monaco triumph in a row. The Germans are separated from Hamilton by only ten points in the World Cup. 'I'm a bit split,' said Rosberg. 'It was a tough weekend and I'm of course happy about the win. But it was also very lucky and Lewis deserved the win. He was stronger than me all weekend.'

Sebastian Vettel could The times at the top kept up, but failed to attack the Silver Arrows on the track. The Heppenheimer ultimately benefited from the wrong Mercedes decision. 'The turn at the end was a bit surprising,' said Vettel. 'It was close, but I was sure that I was ahead of Lewis when he came out of the pits. Second is great for the team. We were closer in the race than in qualifying.' must have boiled internally in the last few laps in the cockpit. While driving, he asked the team what the strategists had thought of the tactics. In the interview, however, the third-placed placed himself tame: 'That was not the easiest race. We win and lose together. I congratulate Nico and Sebastian. We'll talk about how we can improve it in the future.'

Daniil Kvyat prevailed behind Hamilton in the Red Bull duel. At the start, the Russian made up a place on Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo, who was also on the road with fresh tires in the end, was deliberately let past Kvyat at first. The Australian could no longer attack Hamilton. At the announcement of the team, he had to let his teammate by again shortly before the finish line. Kimi Räikkönen didn't get past sixth in the Ferrari.

Perez with brilliant performance

After his brilliant performance in qualifying, Sergio Perez also delivered a strong performance in the race. The Force India pilot was able to assert himself in seventh place. Jenson Button released McLaren from the zero-point curse. The knot finally burst in Monaco, with four points on the account for eighth position. Felipe Nasr scored points for Sauber for the third time this season with ninth place. Carlos Sainz took the last point in the Toro Rosso.

Toro Rosso with chaos races

Toro Rosso destroyed a better result himself. Sainz had to start from the pit lane because he ignored the weighing procedure in qualifying. In the fight with Pastor Maldonado, Verstappen initially lost part of the front wing. The attack on the second Lotus later also went wrong. Fortunately, the rookie survived the violent impact on the gang unharmed.

For Nico Hülkenberg, the race also started unhappily. He got into the enclosure with Fernando Alonso on the starting lap and crashed into the guardrail at the Mirabeau curve. In the process he lost his front wing and had to head for the pit early. Alonso was given a 5-second penalty by the stewards. Hülkenberg made it to 11th place ahead of Grosjean in the Lotus.

Alonso dropped out

Fernando Alonso dropped out on lap 42. He had to park the McLaren Honda in St. Devote after the transmission went on strike after an overheating problem. The Spaniard was unable to finish the Monaco GP for the first time since 2004. 'The car behaved a bit strange,' said Alonso about the defect. 'The gearbox shifted into neutral and the brakes didn't work properly either.' Pastor Maldonado retired early after a problem with the brakes.

In the World Championship standings, Rosberg was able to reduce the gap to Hamilton to just 10 points. Vettel in 3rd place is 28 points short of the top of the World Cup. In the team standings, Mercedes expanded their lead despite the missed double victory. After 6 races it's 242 to 158 against Ferrari. Although Williams remained without counters in Monaco, the team from Grove was able to maintain third place - 29 points ahead of Red Bull.

The next race will take place in 14 days in Montreal, Canada.


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