GP Italy: Mercedes has outsider chances
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S o Confident Mercedes has not entered a race for a long time. Mercerdes only took 20 points from the last four Grand Prix. Now there is a good chance that it will be maybe 20 points in a single race. The Silver Arrows are in Monza with the music. In training as in the race.

Mercedes optimistic

Michael Schumacher placed his Mercedes half a second behind Lewis Hamilton in fourth place on the grid. Nico Rosberg follows 0.3 seconds behind. 'We can get there in the race where we start tomorrow. Maybe even further ahead,' said Rosberg optimistically.

The Mercedes drivers felt comfortable in the car from the first lap of practice. Finally there was the full training time again. The track characteristics are the Silver Arrows, and the Monza wing met the specifications of the wind tunnel. This was also evident in the endurance runs. 'We have a good feeling, also with regard to the tires,' said Nico Rosberg happily. Schumacher added: 'Compared to the previous races, we are better off with our racing simulation.' Training was accompanied by technical defects. On Friday the DRS adjustment broke on the rear wing. Mercedes had new parts flown in from England overnight. On Saturday, the operation of the wing flap worked again without complaint.

Instead, Kers got out in the third training session. 'A problem that we've never had and the cause of which is still unknown,' revealed Ross Brawn. 'We are confident, however, that it will not appear again.' Due to the lack of data, Schumacher had to fine-tune his vote during qualification. But he admitted: 'It would not have been enough for the first three cars.'

Strategy decisive

Team boss Ross Brawn predicts an exciting race, even if most of the teams participate plan a one-stop strategy. 'The tires go through two phases here. In the first, the grip hardly decreases. But then there comes the point where the tire will collapse dramatically. The point in time when this point comes will determine whether you can afford a one-stop race If you switch to the second set of tires too early, you could end up having big problems because you could fall into this second phase too early at the end of the race. '

Brawn sees himself in thePoint tire management well prepared this time. And besides, you can overtake well in Monza. Although the DRS effect with the small wings is less than usual. 'We gain about ten to twelve km /h. But that makes the decisive difference when you pull out of the slipstream.'


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