GP Italy 2015 (race)

GP Italy 2015 (race)
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E s was the perfect weekend for Lewis Hamilton. The Briton achieved all the best times in practice and qualifying and converted his strong form into victory on Sunday (6.9.2015). However, this was a good two and a half hours with reservations. After the GP, the FIA ​​opened an investigation. The rulers checked the tires on Hamilton's car just five minutes before the start and found that the pressure at the rear left was 0.3 PSI too low. After the tire chaos at Spa, Pirelli stipulated a minimum pressure of 19.5 PSI in the rear rubbers.

The all-clear followed at 5:48 p.m. The FIA ​​accepted the declarations made by the winning team. Mercedes was able to prove that the prescribed procedures were followed and that the tires were at the prescribed pressure level when the mechanics fitted them to the car. When the FIA ​​technicians checked the pressures, the black rollers were still in the electric blankets, but no longer connected to the power generator. This automatically lowered the temperature, which in turn led to the lower pressure.

Hamilton was able to achieve his success. 'This weekend was just perfect. The balance in the car was great and I checked everything. To be on the podium in front of these fans makes me very proud.'

Hamilton by a large margin

At the start, Hamilton maintained his first position. As a result, the defending champion never gave up his lead - not even during his only pit stop on lap 26. At the finish his lead over his first pursuer was 25.0 seconds.

His name is Sebastian Vettel. The Heppenheimer made up a position on the way into the first corner and placed himself behind Hamilton. As a result, the Heppenheimer could not keep up with the tempo. Especially towards the end of the first stint on the soft tires, the four-time F1 champion lost more than a second per lap to Hamilton.

But towards the rear, Vettel had everything under control and controlled the attack from pursuer Nico Rosberg. Before the race, it was still hectic in the Mercedes box because the mechanics discovered a hydraulic leak on the number 6 car. But they were able to seal the leak again in good time before the start. This failed Rosberg, however, and he fell from fourth to sixth position behind the Williamsback. In the first stint, Wahlmonegasse also struggled with hot brakes, as the team radio showed.

Rosberg experiences debacle

Rosberg, who, unlike Hamilton, was on the road with the engine specification from Spa because the heat exchanger on the new engine broke in the third training session, was only able to grab the white-blue racer with an early pit stop. But shortly before the end, the technology let him down again. The engine revved up spectacularly in his Mercedes. Rosberg thus lost 25 points in the championship fight and is 53 points behind his teammate after 12 races. 'That is of course very disappointing. It all backfired. I had just received clearance in the race that I could attack Sebastian. But then the engine revved up. He probably just had too many kilometers on it,' explained Rosberg /p>

Williams was once again too conservative in its strategy. Only with luck and because of Rosberg's failure Felipe Massa repeated his podium from last year. For this he had to fight hard against team-mate Valtteri Bottas until the end, but his attack attempts came to nothing.

Kimi Räikkönen rolled across the finish line on a disappointing fifth place. The Finn screwed up the start from the front row and only came out of the blocks two to three seconds late. The opponents roared past left and right and the Ferrari driver went back to the end of the field. But then he plowed through the field to the cheers of the Tifosi. Shortly before the end, he caught Sergio Perez.

Strong result for Force India

The Mexican crowned a strong weekend with sixth position. Team mate Nico Hülkenberg was seventh behind. The long Rhinelander struggled with loss of grip in the rear in the last third. The two drivers had a total of 14 points on the Force India account, which is why the Indian-English racing team regained fifth place in the Lotus Constructors' Championship. Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean experienced a black Sunday and had to give up after just one lap because they had damaged their cars in the crowd.

Daniel Ricciardo raced from 19th place on the grid to eighth position. Red Bull team-mate Kvyat started from the back and finished 10th. Marcus Ericsson got in between and finished ninth.


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