GP Hungary: Puszta bankruptcy for German pilots

Daniel Reinhard
German F1 drivers at the Hungarian GP
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Nico Hülkenberg:

N ico Hulkenberg had every reason to smile. With sixth place the Williams driver achieved his best Formula 1 result to date. 'That feels good,' said the long blonde happily after a race that he had spent most of the time behind Vitaly Petrov and in front of Pedro de la Rosa. 'My start was not great. I had too much wheelspin,' said Hulkenberg, recapitulating the hesitant start of his twelfth GP race. 'Kubica got away better, I couldn't use his slipstream. For that Rubens hung behind me and then took advantage of that.'

Only then did the Rhinelander get going: 'I got myself into the second corner Fetched two or three positions back, luckily also De la Rosa, who I didn't want to go to waste behind. The safety car came at the right time for me. My soft tires were pretty much worn out. After changing tires it was like driving with the autopilot . I couldn't make up a place, nor was there any danger from behind. Petrov was too fast for me, anyway the Renaults were out of reach for us today. Pedro was always hanging in the rear-view mirrors, but I had a good grip on him. '

Hülkenberg only noticed the shocking moments in the pits when Nico Rosberg's bike jumped through the rows of mechanics. 'When I drove off I saw Rosberg as a tricycle in front of me and a bike bounced up and down. One of my mechanics was hit. Fortunately, he got off lightly. But he is also a tree from a man who is not knocked down so easily.'

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil's race was influenced much more negatively by the chaos in the pits. When the Force India driver wanted to drive to his crew on hand, a Renault suddenly got in his way. Robert Kubica was dispatched by the Renault team exactly at the time when the German cut in with his car in front of him. Both cars collided and got stuck. 'There was absolutely nothing I could do about that,' complained Sutil, whose race was over.

When Renault was fined 50,000 dollars for the incident, Graefelfinger was already on his way to the summer vacation. 'This is really a shame. It's my first missed finish since Australia. And it was even more disappointing because the problem was definitely not ours.'

Nico Rosberg:

After the frustration ofHockenheim was even worse for Mercedes in Hungary. For the first time this season, both Silver Arrows went empty-handed. 'A disappointing end to a difficult weekend', Nico Rosberg summarized the short trip to Budapest. From a good sixth on the grid, the German quickly found himself on the defensive in the race: 'I started poorly and struggled to keep up with Petrov. It would not have been easy to make up ground. We needed a good pit stop to stay ahead of Kubica , but then the mishap happened with the right rear wheel. '

A mechanic was unable to secure the wheel properly, so the rubber took on a life of its own when starting up. A Sauber mechanic was just able to avoid it. Williams was less fortunate. 'I'm really glad nothing happened to Nigel, one of my former mechanics at Williams who was hit by the wheel.' Rosberg had to park his tricycle at the pit exit and give up: 'My first failure of the season is disappointing, but something like that can happen and we will learn from it.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock knew in the morning that it would be difficult to keep the two Lotus behind you. 'The penalty against Kobayashi doesn't help me at all,' complained the Virgin pilot on the grid. 'Now I'm on the dirty side and the lotus behind me on the clean.' When the lights of the starting lights went out, the negative prophecy came true. From starting position 18 it went back to position 22.

But the dirty side was not responsible for the loss of space. “Actually, I had a very good start. I was up to the first corner in front of them. Then I was pushed onto the outside line and everyone slipped through from behind.” In the race, he wasn't able to put the two Lotus drivers under pressure as he had hoped: 'They were three tenths faster, as I feared before the weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't keep them in the race. No chance.'

Sebastian Vettel:

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Michael Schumacher:

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