GP Hungary 2015: Race

GP Hungary 2015 (race)
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E actually everything spoke for a Mercedes double victory. But on race Sunday everything turned out differently in Budapest. Numerous overtaking maneuvers, enemy contacts and accidents as well as a safety car phase swirled up the field.

In the end, neither Lewis Hamilton nor Nico Rosberg climbed onto the podium after 69 laps. Instead, Sebastian Vettel was the first to cross the finish line. Behind him, the two Red Bull drivers Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo landed in second and third positions.

For Vettel it was the second success of the season and the 41st career victory. The Heppenheimer drew level with the legendary Ayrton Senna. On the pit radio, Vettel first thanked his team before remembering the late Jules Bianchi and dedicating the victory to the French. 'It's unbelievable to have equalized Senna's record,' said Vettel, who was clearly struggling for words. 'But this victory today is for Jules and his family.'

Ferrari takes the lead at the start

At the start, the events from Silverstone were repeated. With Ferrari in the role of Williams. Lewis Hamilton got off to a bad start, Rosberg passed first, but the German fell back during the further acceleration phase. Vettel took advantage of the situation and sat on the left of Hamilton, and the two raced wheel to wheel towards the first corner.

With a late braking maneuver, the Ferrari driver grabbed the lead. Also late on the brakes, Kimi Räikkönen, who started the race from fifth place, pushed past Hamilton on the outside. On the way to the second corner, the Iceman dueled Nico Rosberg and then bit his way through on the inside.

Rosberg can Ferrari -Pace not go

The action-packed start phase continued into turns five and six. There, Hamilton launched an attack on his teammate, but failed miserably. The world champion sled off the track and had to go through the gravel bed, which cost him six more places.

As a result, the two Ferraris easily pulled away from Rosberg. The World Cup second could not keep up with the pace of the red racers. Meanwhile, Hamilton had to work his way through the field. Before the first stop he grabbed Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez. With a clear path, the Brit increased the pace and got more opponents who were heading for the pits in front of him.

A few lapsafter his first tire change it was Ricciardo’s turn, who was on the slower medium at the time. The world championship leader found himself in fourth position behind the two Ferrari and Rosberg - albeit by a large margin.

Hulkenberg accident adds more flavor

In the 42nd lap An accident by Nico Hülkenberg turned the race upside down. At the end of the start-finish straight, the front wing of Force India suddenly broke. Hulkenberg shot straight into the tire wall without a chance, almost taking Valtteri Bottas with him in the Williams. Fortunately, the Rhinelander was uninjured.

Hülkenberg's crash initially resulted in a virtual safety car, later the race management sent the real safety vehicle onto the slopes. While the marshals were cleaning the asphalt, the pilots were led through the pit lane several times.

At the restart, Rosberg grabbed Kimi Raikkonen lying in front of him. However, the Finn could not offer any real resistance because the MGU-K's electric power got out of his SF15-T. So it was nothing of the first Ferrari double victory since Hockenheim 2010. 14 laps before the end the 35-year-old had to give up completely and retired.

Kvyat second despite a 10-second penalty

Vettel held on to the lead over a second before Rosberg. Behind it it went around. Ricciardo dared to attack Hamilton with the soft tires, who like Vettel and Rosberg had strapped on the medium. But Hamilton resisted and pushed the Australian out under foreign contact, which later gave him a drive-through penalty. Despite everything, Ricciardo bit his way through and overtook.

Last year's winner quickly appeared in Rosberg's rear-view mirror. An ambush by Ricciardo had dire consequences for Rosberg. The Red Bull driver slashed the left rear tire on the Mercedes with his front wing. Rosberg did one lap around the course and ended up only in eighth place after a tire change at the finish. And it lost further ground to Hamilton, who finished sixth. Ricciardo saved himself in third place after a front wing change.

'I was very surprised by the Ferrari's pace. I thought it would be easy to follow them. But it wasn't. Ricciardo tried and braked way too late. I caught the corner perfectly and that's actually my corner. I am allowed to use the entire route at the exit. He still had his front wing in it. That was extremely annoying at the time, 'explained Rosberg.

Daniil Kvyat, who slipped to second place, caught a 10-second penalty because he overtook off the track immediately after the restart, but it was enough for the first podium of his career.

Max Verstappen took fourth place after a crazy race.In front of Fernando Alonso, who gave McLaren-Honda the best result of the season so far. Jenson Button also flushed points into the McLaren account with ninth place. Romain Grosjean in seventh and Marcus Ericsson in tenth also had reason to be happy. Without anything countable, however, Williams begins the journey home. Bottas and Massa were only 12th and 13th.


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