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GP Hungary 2012 (analysis): Kimi very cool, Schumi very confused

GP Hungary 2012 (analysis)
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Why was the start canceled?

A t the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix there was a lot of confusion. At first it was thought that Michael Schumacher's engine had died. It later emerged that the record champion had parked in the wrong starting position - on 19 instead of 17. Only the drivers behind and race director Charlie Whiting noticed the mistake. 'I didn't even know that I was wrong', Schumacher admitted after the race.

Why did Schumi switch off the engine?

The wrong starting position was not Schumacher's only mistake . When the yellow lights at the traffic lights indicated that the pilots should start a second warm-up lap, the Mercedes driver simply switched off his engine. 'I thought it would be interrupted and restarted completely,' explained Schumi. However, this rule was changed in 2005.

Why was the drive-through penalty unjustified?

When Schumacher was pushed into the pit lane, he caught himself the Mercedes also suffered a flat tire on the rain gutter. But that did not end Schumi's suffering: After the engine was restarted at the beginning of the pit lane, Schumi raced to his starting position at the end of the pit lane - unfortunately a little too fast. 111.4 km /h instead of the permitted 100 km /h. The stewards gave them a drive-through penalty. According to the rulebook, the wrong decision. As long as the race has not officially started, only fines are announced. 200 euros for every km /h too fast.

Why did Red Bull choose a three-stop strategy?

Red Bull chose a three-stop strategy for both drivers, which the competition found incomprehensible bumped. 'They helped us with that today,' said Fernando Alonso happily. The Spaniard was able to make up six points on his first World Cup pursuer Mark Webber because he made an additional stop. 'I could have gone longer with the second set. The stop was unnecessary,' complained even Webber afterwards.

But team boss Christian Horner defended the strategy. 'We wanted to clear him with an early second stop.' Webber had previously been stopped by Alonso. But the trick didn't work. 'Unfortunately we had a problem with the differential from lap 45 onwards. The inside rear wheel spun more and deteriorated more as a result. That's why we had towe earlier to the third stop. And that's why we fell behind Senna. '

A three-stop strategy was also chosen for Sebastian Vettel.' Directly behind Jenson Button, Sebastian quickly broke his tires, 'explained the team boss.' After the relatively early second Stop, he finally came over. We knew that we had enough air behind us for a third stop and therefore attacked the front. But we couldn't keep up with the times of Kimi (Raikkonen). 'The additional stop on lap 58 had no negative impact in the end. Vettel came back on track just before Alonso.

Why did Button hit three times the pit?

Jenson Button also had to go to his mechanics three times. The pilot discussed the strategy with his engineers several times over the radio. 'They kept sending me into traffic with the stops,' complained the McLaren- Pilot who dropped from third place right after the start to sixth. Sports director Sam Michael justified the tactic: 'The first set of tires was so worn that we switched to three stops.'

Why was Kimi Raikkonen that fast?

Hot track, slow corners - that is the ideal terrain for Lotus. On Sunday, the conditions in Budapest were perfect for the black and gold cars. But they could not fully demonstrate their strengths. Romain Grosjean always hung behind Ham ilton and thereby ruined the tires. You only saw how fast Lotus was when Kimi Raikkonen had clear passage.

But not only the different strategies brought the two Lotus close together in lap 45. Michael Schumacher also played a role. The record world champion held up Grosjean for two laps. 'Flags were waved there, but I couldn't pass. That must have cost me 1.5 seconds,' the Frenchman later complained. The attempt to save his second place against his teammate then almost ended in a collision in turn one.

Why did Maldonado get a drive-through penalty?

Pastor Maldonado is the bad guy Formula 1 jack. There have already been six penalties against the Venezuelan from the race management this season. At Silverstone, the Williams driver got away with a black eye and a warning after his collision with Perez. In Hungary the stewards showed no mercy. For a comparatively small bump against Di Resta, Maldonado had to insert an extra lap through the pit lane. 'I was at the limit in a duel when the brakes locked and I slipped. But I was inside the corner and the contact was only very light,' said Maldonado, expressing his lack of understanding of the inspectors' decision.

In our photo gallery we have the pictures of the race again.


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