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GP Germany Hockenheim: 10 reasons why you have to be there

Wolfgang Wilhelm
GP Germany in Hockenheim
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A on July 22nd, the 59th Grand Prix of Germany since 1950. And the 33rd in Hockenheim. The Formula 1 story began in 1970 in the Baden Motodrom with a victory for Jochen Rindt. Many superstars have since won at Hockenheim, from Niki Lauda to Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher to Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel is still missing from the list of winners. But that's just one reason to be there live at the 2012 edition. We'll give you ten other good reasons why you should sit in the Motodrom or on the Mercedes grandstand next weekend.

1. The craziest season since 1982

When did that happen? Seven teams can currently win a Grand Prix. We have already had seven different winners. After nine races, five drivers still have realistic chances for the title. Nobody can say before the race who will be strong and who will not.

2. Five German drivers

It is a privilege to have so many German drivers in the field. There were times when there was no German at all. Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher even have a chance to win. Nico Hulkenberg fights for points. Timo Glock for connection to midfield. There is something for everyone. And who knows how long the German power in Formula 1 will last.

3. Schumi and Vettel can write history

The Hockenheimring should be Mercedes. Red Bull anyway. Maybe you will be there when Michael Schumacher wins his first Grand Prix since his comeback. Or when Sebastian Vettel is victorious on German soil for the first time. You could experience motorsport history live.

4. Motorsport for every budget

You don't have to buy the super weekend for three days and 499 euros. It's also much cheaper. For example from 99 euros for adults or 49 euros for children. Or something in between for prices from 149 to 199 euros. Or only on Sunday in the best grandstands from 229 to 279 euros. It sounds expensive, but it is impressive in comparison to football. The Bundesliga game Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund on December 1 is offered for 169 euros and upwards, a ticket for the game Hannover 96 against Bayern Munich on April 30, 2013119 euros. Football is played every week. The Grand Prix only takes place once a year.

5. Attractive supporting program

In Hockenheim there is not only 240 minutes of free practice in Formula 1, 45 minutes of qualification and 67 laps of the Grand Prix, but also a whole host of other high-class racing. For example two races for the GP2 series, the GP3 series and the Porsche Cup.

6. The V8 sound

Who knows how long we will hear the throaty engine noise of the V8 engines. Probably only this year and next. The V6 turbos will come from 2014. We don't know what they sound like yet, but we do know one thing: The noise that the current engines make is just amazing.

7. The chance of a race taxi or a pit visit

All weekend ticket holders can watch the Formula 1 teams in the pit lane on Thursday. There are also bus tours around the route. If you're lucky, you can take a Formula 1 or DTM driver for a quick lap around the Hockenheimring. The rides will be raffled. It's like the lottery. Those who do not take part have no chance of winning a six.

8. Autograph sessions with Schumi and Co.

On Saturday between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., autograph sessions with all Formula 1 stars will take place on the show stage in the Formula 1 village. The teams themselves sometimes hold additional autograph sessions. Find out more on site.

9. Save Formula 1 in Germany

The Grand Prix at the Nürburgring for 2013 is shaking because the financial debacle in the Eifel is getting bigger and bigger. The Rhineland-Palatinate state government does not want to subsidize the ring for understandable reasons. It is therefore important that at least Hockenheim survive so that there is still a German Grand Prix. The organizer needs 62,000 spectators to get off the hook. You will now say: Why should I throw money after the greedy Bernie Ecclestone? Answer: Because the high price policy of Formula 1 is facing the abyss. In a few years the organizers will be paying normal prices again, otherwise there will soon be no more events at all. So hold on.

10. You don't have to watch RTL

Are you honest? Do you really want to do the Grand Prix on RTL? With annoying commercial breaks and a broadcast concept that only Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel know and that the other 22 are a backdrop? If you want to experience Formula 1 as it really is, come to Hockenheim. Then you are your own moderator. Nothing can beat a race visit. A live visit is a completely different experience than watching on the couch.The racing atmosphere cannot be transferred into the living room. No sound, no speed, no smell of gasoline, no emotions.


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