GP Germany 1970 at the Hockenheimring

GP Germany 1970 at the Hockenheimring
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P ole: Jacky Ickx (Ferrari) 1.59 , 5 min

1. Jochen Rindt (Lotus-Cosworth) 1: 42.00.30 h
2. Jacky Ickx (Ferrari) + 0.7 s
3. Denis Hulme (McLaren-Cosworth) +1.21.8 min

Only a few weeks before the German GP 1970 is it certain that the race will take place at the Hockenheimring. The drivers refuse to drive on the Nürburgring unless ten kilometers of new crash barriers are laid around the 22.835-kilometer route. Impossible to do that in such a short time.

The move to Hockenheim is controversial

Jackie Stewart asks the heretical question: 'What has happened there since Carracciola's time?' and immediately gives himself the answer: 'Only the trees got thicker.' Not all drivers support the move to Hockenheim. Jacky Ickx speaks of an attack on racing honor. John Surtees scoffs after training: 'This track is no substitute for the Nordschleife.'

The Hockenheimring consists of a stadium-like Motodrom and four long straights, which have been interrupted by two chicanes since Jim Clark's fatal accident in 1968 in a Formula 2 race. The only challenge is the 200 km /h fast east curve. Nevertheless, 140,000 spectators came on race day.

Exciting race at the Hockenheim premiere in 1970

The race is developing into a blockbuster. Four drivers pull away from the field. After Clay Regazzoni got out of the four-way battle for victory with a gearbox failure and Chris Amon with an engine breakdown, Jochen Rindt and Jacky Ickx set off for a showdown. The leadership changes 13 times.

In the end, Rindt has the knife-thin muzzle of his Lotus 72 in front. The better chassis defeats the higher engine power of the Ferrari twelve-cylinder. For Rindt it is the fourth victory in a row, the fifth this year and the last of his career. Five weeks later he dies while training for the Italian GP in Monza.


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