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GP England 2018 (Silverstone): The team check on Thursday

Formula 1 Thursday team check - GP England 2018
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D on thursday is the PR day before a Grand Prix. auto motor und sport will find stories and rumors for you in the paddock. We ask the engineers what's new about the car and the drivers what they think of the race. Here is our foray through the ten garages.

Mercedes expands aero package

Mercedes has expanded the aero upgrade from Spielberg. This time the nose and front wing were modified. The engineers are concerned about the heat. Pirelli is bringing the tires with the thinner tread, but the expected heat at the weekend could still cause problems with the tires. “Ferrari is better in this discipline. They have to slow down less speed than we do in the heat, ”say the technicians. Bottas still has to tremble. Mercedes checked the engine all Friday, which ran for 45 seconds in Spielberg under excessively high temperatures and with falling hydraulic pressure.

A decision has since been made. Engine number 2 stays in the car, but only on Friday. Bottas gets a fresh engine for qualification and the race. The possibly struck 2 engine will initially be used in the Friday training sessions. Despite the recent streak of bad luck, Hamilton is aiming for victory number 6 at Silverstone. The world champion comes out as a big football fan. “How much will it cost if I skip the press conference on Saturday?” Hamilton really wants to see the England versus Sweden match. Then he reveals: “I took the day off of the final and will travel to Russia.”

Ferrari is upgrading

Ferrari is bringing the third part of its aero package to the cave of the Lions. In Canada new baffles, in France the new front wing, in Silverstone retouching on the underbody. The longitudinal slots now extend over the entire floor between the wheels. Last year Silverstone was a failure for the Reds. Sebastian Vettel therefore doesn't want to make any predictions: “I'm going into the weekend without expectations. In principle, this year we have a car that works well everywhere. Last year we ran out of breath in the second half of the season. I don't see it that way anymore this year. The 2018 car has more potential. ”He doesn't want to think about the collision at the start with France and the penalty from Austria. “We don't look back, but concentrate on what's to come.”

Red Bull is afraidhimself

After the “home race” in Austria, Red Bull is expecting its “local race” in Silverstone. The fast corners should suit the RB14. But Max Verstappen doubts: “Some of the corners now go full throttle for everyone. The first two and copse. That extends the straight line. We won't be full of the music, but we'll be there when the opportunity arises. ”

Force India with a new sub-floor

Finally the new sub-floor is here. Force India will need him. The track layout is not ideal for the car. The drivers hope the heat will turn the British GP into a tire battle. “Whenever others have problems with the tires, we're better off. Just like in Austria. We were able to catch up with the HaasF1. They had problems with bubbles, we didn't, ”says Esteban Ocon.

Williams cancels upgrade

The upgrade planned before the summer break was canceled again. The engineers want to concentrate on troubleshooting first. Boss Claire Williams expects a difficult weekend: “We already brought the handkerchiefs with us.” In terms of layout, Silverstone is probably the worst track for the bottom of the table. The result of faster and medium-fast speeds requires downforce. That is exactly what the car lacks. Little downforce means higher tire wear in the race and usually one more pit stop than the competition. The heat is also a problem for Williams. Cooling is a problem even at lower temperatures. “We'll have to open the disguise even more to survive. That means even less contact pressure. It's a vicious circle, ”complains one of the engineers.

Renault hopes to stabilize

Nico Hülkenberg is getting a new engine and a new turbocharger, but he remains unpunished. The ninth place in the World Championship hopes that the shape of his Renault R.S. 18 will return with the tires with the thinner tread. “I think we will stabilize again at Silverstone.”

Toro Rosso with mixed feelings

Brendon Hartley can finally feel at home. “I lived in Milton Keynes for seven years. That's why I can call Silverstone my home race. ”Because overtaking opportunities are limited, Toro Rosso wants to concentrate fully on qualifying. Pierre Gasly has good and bad memories of Silverstone: “The last time I drove here, I won. I celebrated my first GP2 win here. But I also had a bad road accident on the way to the track. I broke a vortex. My mother was injured even more severely. She was in the hospital for two months and fought with death. '

HaasF1 expects tougher weekend

Kevin Magnussen doesn't think HaasF1 is like will be clearly the fourth force in Austria. “In terms of layout, Spielberg was our best track. Silverstone is getting tougher for us. We wereAlready not great on this track last year. ”Team boss Guenther Steiner reassures:“ We are better in fast corners than slow ones. 4th place in the World Cup is clearly the route. We have to try to do that. That is a goal without wanting to appear arrogant. ”Although the US Ferrari in Austria had massive problems with bubbles, Magnussen does not expect a repeat. Despite the great heat. “The thinner tires will help us.” Statistically, it should be another good weekend for HaasF1. 'We were only wrong two of the nine races.'

McLaren with new lead

It is the first race with the new lead trio Stella, de Ferran and Robarts. Fernando Alonso doesn't want anything to do with the personnel rogue. “Zak asked for my opinion and then informed me. I can't give him any advice on which engineers to hire. I am only the driver and can only judge drivers because I meet them on the track every weekend. And I don't have to advise Zak on anything. He has the two best drivers in the world. ”Meanwhile, Alonso also admits that McLaren has lost ground with the chassis. However, he explains it differently than the team management: “Last year we still had a few systems in the car that the regulations now forbid us. We couldn't compensate for this loss. ”What does he mean by that? Blowing on the rear wing, perhaps, the networked landing gear that may no longer be used in full. Alonso is also pushing his team to bring more upgrades. “The large aero package that we brought in Spain was a good step. But only for two races. We need more of it. We're doing a good job on the track. We have to improve off the track. ”

Clean again with new parts

Charles Leclerc has scored five times in the last six races. Nevertheless, Monegasque is not 100 percent satisfied. “I made too many mistakes in the last two races.” He also doubts: “The track layout tends to speak against us.” Leclerc's good series is not only based on the upgrades. “In the first three races, I wasn't able to tell the engineers what I want from the tires. The car was difficult for me to drive. In response, I drove even harder and made more mistakes. It was only in Baku that we found the trick to fine-tune the car to suit my driving style. Now we have the balance that I feel comfortable with. ”Sauber went one better technically. This time the rear wing end plates and the front brake ventilation are new.


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