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GP England 2015 (race result): Home win for Hamilton

GP England 2015 (race result)
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D he GP England 2015 was the best advertisement for the formula 1. A hot start phase, lots of tactical games, tight overtaking maneuvers and rain in the final phase. And that in front of 140,000 spectators in the packed Silverstone.

To the delight of the local fans, Lewis Hamilton was the first driver to cross the finish line. For the 30-year-old double world champion, who celebrated his victory with a few donuts in the run-out round, it was already the third home win in England after 2008 and 2014. In the 2015 season, Hamilton can now boast five successes.

In second place, Nico Rosberg made the one-two perfect for the Silver Arrows. The World Cup runner-up was 10.9 seconds behind at the finish. For Mercedes, however, the Grand Prix of Great Britain was by no means the walk that was predicted after qualifying.

Wild start accident with Lotus and McLaren

Right at the beginning, the tatters flew. Massa caught a rocket launch and pulled past both Mercedes from the second row of the grid. In the third corner there was a big crash that meant the end for three drivers: Romain Grosjean, Pastor Maldonado and Jenson Button. It looked like Grosjean touched Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull in the fray and lost control. He then rushed into Maldonado.

Fernando Alonso was also in the line of fire and received a blow, whereupon he turned inward and cleared Button. While things went on for the Spaniard despite the damaged front wing, the race was over for local hero Button.

The crashes resulted in a safety car phase that lasted for two laps. At the restart, Hamilton attacked the leader Massa, but gambled away in turns 16/17 and slipped over the curb. Bottas took the chance and grabbed second place.

Hamilton at the top through strategy

Up to the series of The Finn tried to overtake his Williams team-mate at the first stop. At first, by order of his team, he was not allowed. 'But I can overtake him and will do it on the back straight,' said Bottas. Williams then released the duel. However, last year's World Cup fourth placed his teeth on Massa.

Hamilton lurked behind the Williams duo and trusted the Mercedes strategists and his pit crew. And they didn't let him down. With an earlier pit stop in the 19thOn the lap, which lasted only 2.4 seconds, Hamilton crawled past both Williams, who handled their drivers Massa and Bottas much more slowly on laps 20 and 21. Rosberg tried an undercut too, but the tactic didn't work out for him.

Rain is coming in 35th round

At that time, the German was the fastest man on the piste and took giant strides on Hamilton, who made a little slip in Copse Corner. However, the heavier onset of rain saved the British. Because he switched to the intermediates a lap earlier. The decision could have gone wrong.

'For the first time in my life I did everything right when choosing tires,' said the happy winner. 'The temperatures plummeted on the dry tires. I had to come here.' In the last nine laps, the defending champion didn't let anything burn and took his 38th career victory.

The rain chaos also favored Sebastian Vettel. 'Without the rain, I would not have landed on the podium today,' said Vettel. After the start and restart, the Heppenheimer initially dropped back to ninth place, but fought his way back to sixth position behind Raikkonen. With a perfectly timed switch to the intermediates, the four-time world champion was pushed past Williams onto the podium.

Williams gambled away

The group from Grove should have been more aggressive with both the first tire change and the swap to the intermediates. So after 52 laps only fourth and fifth positions remained. Massa, who was 11.3 seconds short of Vettel at the finish, left his team-mate far behind. Mainly because Bottas lost a lot in the final phase.

Daniil Kvyat landed in sixth place in the Red Bull. The Russian came dangerously close to the second Williams on the last lap and finished the race just seven tenths behind Bottas. Kvyat's team mate Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, retired with electronics problems in the engine area.

Nico H├╝lkenberg showed a good adjustment in Force India. In the starting lap he catapulted himself from ninth position to fifth. In the course of the race it fell two places. Kimi Raikkonen landed behind H├╝lkenberg. The Finn gambled away by switching to intermediates much too early, which resulted in another stop.

Fernando Alonso made the top 10completed. The Spaniard scored his first World Cup point this season. McLaren-Honda now has five points in total. Sauber had to return home without any points. Ericsson ended up in eleventh place, his team mate Felipe Nasr was unable to take part in the race due to transmission problems.


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