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GP Canada technology: Ferrari tests McLaren exhaust

GP Canada technology updates
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F errari makes you mobile. After the major renovation at the Spanish GP, the second stage is now following in Montreal. According to Fernando Alonso's announcements, the third big package will follow in Valencia, which will finally bring the F2012 back to the top of Formula 1. At the Canadian GP, ​​the exhaust system is the main focus of the engineers.

'We have some new parts in this area that we want to try out in free practice,' announced Felipe Massa on Thursday . When the red car was at the technical inspection, it became clear that Ferrari had done another major conversion here. In addition to the position of the tailpipe, the bonnet was also rebuilt.

Ferrari with McLaren-style exhaust

The result is a McLaren-style exhaust. The tailpipe lies in a deep depression and points outwards in the direction of the brake ventilation. Most recently, a version was actually successfully on the road in which the gases were aimed inwards at the lower rear wing. In Montreal they also have an improved version of this exhaust in their luggage.

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will test both variants in direct comparison in free practice on Friday. Massa, whose car is on the road with the McLaren version, tries to lower the expectations of the new exhaust. 'We can't say now how much better it is. It's always difficult to calculate in advance. We have to try it out on the track and see if it makes the car faster.'

New rear wing for Montreal

Ferrari is not the only team that has brought update parts to Montreal. Williams driver Pastor Maldonado will test a radical rear wing during training, which should bring more top speed, especially in the activated DRS position. Most of the other teams also have new rear wings in their luggage in order to reduce drag on the long straights of Montreal.

Red Bull has also modified its car again - albeit out of necessity. The FIA ​​declared the underbody of the world champion car illegal. The engineers had to remove two holes just in front of the rear tire. We have compiled the most important technology updates from Montreal for you in our picture gallery.


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