GP Canada 2019 - race result: Hamilton wins

GP Canada 2019 - race result
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But then Hamilton slowly began to increase the pace. In lap 47, the constant pressure began to pay off. The rear of the Heppenheimer broke out in the combination of three turns. The Ferrari driver had to open the steering and shorten the chicane across the meadow. At the exit, Vettel drove right in front of the Silver Arrow.

Hamilton scolded that Vettel had returned to the track in a dangerous way. The race management investigated the incident and imposed a five-second penalty on the Ferrari. Vettel complained bitterly over the radio. “I had no other chance. Where should i go They steal the race from us. ”Later he added:“ They must be blind! ”

Hamilton rolls to victory without a fight

All complaints did not help. Hamilton stayed safely in the slipstream of the Ferrari and secured the fifth victory of the year. “I didn't really want to win that way. It's a bit of a shame, but that's racing, ”said the world champion afterwards. “I drove him into a mistake. And the rule says that you can't go straight back to the race line after a slip. ”

After crossing the finish line, Vettel first disappeared into the Ferrari pavilion. Only at the last second did he decide to take part in the podium ceremony. But he no longer wanted to comment on the decision: “You just have to ask people what they think of it. The penalty will certainly not go down well with the fans. I really enjoyed the race today. Lewis was a tad faster. But we defended the lead. ”

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Hamilton asked Vettel to the top step after the race of the podium.

After all, Ferrari brought both cars to the podium for the first time this year. Charles Leclerc landed only one second behind Vettel in 3rd place. “I'm actually quite happy with the performance today. We delayed the pit stop and hoped for a safety car. Unfortunately that didn't happen. ”

Valtteri Bottas, who started sixth, had to be content with fourth in Canada. Because the gap at the end was big enough to the rear, Bottas was able to make an extra stop three laps before the end and dare to attack the fastest race lap, which he did. But that was little consolation. Bottas lost a total of 12 points against Hamilton, which increased the deficit in the World Cup to 29 points.

Renault scores twice

Behind Bottas, Max Verstappen successfully managed damage control. Thanks to an alternative strategy with a late pit stop, the Dutchman moved up from position 9 on the grid to position 5. In the end, the two Renault drivers had no chance. The sixth and seventh places for Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg are still the best result of the year for the French factory team.

Pierre Gasly should be less satisfied with eighth place. Once again, he couldn't keep up with the pace of Red Bull team-mate Verstappen. Lance Stroll gave the Canadian fans in 9th position a reason to cheer. The last World Championship point went to Daniil Kvyat in Toro Rosso, who was able to intercept Carlos Sainz shortly before the end.


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