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GP Brazil 2018: Result Race, Qualifying & amp; training

Result Formula 1 GP Brazil 2018
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4 For 4 laps, the Brazilian GP was the big Verstappen show. In the initial phase, the 21-year-old Red Bull driver grabbed Kimi Räikkönen's and Sebastian Vettel's two Ferraris and Valtteri Bottas's Mercedes. After ten laps, Verstappen was already in second place and went on the hunt for the leader Lewis Hamilton.

Ocon clears Verstappen

Mercedes fought off with an early pit stop. Hamilton switched from Supersoft to Medium in the 19th of 71 laps. Verstappen took over the lead, which in turn went back to Hamilton after his only pit stop on lap 35.

The world champion did not hold the top position for long. Verstappen overran the Mercedes with starting number 44 on the home straight. It smelled like the Dutchman's third win of the season. The Red Bull was not only faster, it also managed the sensitive Pirelli tires better than the Mercedes.

The scene of the race: Ocon and Verstappen meet in Turn 2.

But the dream of the second success in a row burst in the 44th round in the Senna-S. Esteban Ocon, who wanted to lap back, turned the leading Red Bull off the track. “I don't know what to say. We had a great car and would have easily won the race. ”Verstappen swore on the radio, showed the middle finger, while Hamilton dusted off and brought home the tenth win of the season. TheThe race management imposed a ten-second stop-and-go penalty on Ocon. That was of little use to Verstappen.

For Hamilton it is only the second victory in Sao Paulo after 2016. In his career, he has already had 72 successes. Verstappen was annoyed about second place at the finish. Despite a damaged car, he shortened the gap after his involuntary spin from over five to 1.4 seconds.

Vettel weak, podium for Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen completed the podium behind the duo . The Finn was the faster man on the Ferrari team. He overtook Sebastian Vettel on the fourth lap. The Heppenheimer had come too far to the outside of the track in turn 4. It was not the race of the World Championship runner-up, who, along with Valtteri Bottas, was the only one from the leading group to change tires twice.

Towards the middle of the race, Vettel, who passed Raikkonen again after an earlier pit visit, even had to drive aside for the teammate. It was only enough for sixth place behind Bottas. Mercedes has thus secured the trophy for the Team World Championship for the fifth time in a row, one race before the end of the season.

Daniel Ricciardo had a similarly furious Grand Prix as Verstappen. From 11th on the grid, the Australian flew to fourth place. He missed the podium by just 0.4 seconds just behind Raikkonen.

Charles Leclerc steered his Sauber C37 to a strong seventh place. Sauber is well on the way to bagging eighth place in the Team World Cup against Toro Rosso. A preliminary decision was made in Sao Paulo in any case, although Marcus Ericsson was canceled in the second Sauber due to technical problems. Nico Hülkenberg had to cope with the second failure of the day. The V6 turbo in his Renault R.S. 18 overheated.

The two HaasF1 scored double points in positions eight and nine. Nevertheless, the US racing team will no longer be able to push Renault from fourth place in the constructors' world championship. The gap is too big for that. Sergio Perez scored the last point behind Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

Lewis Hamilton was two tenths slower than Sebastian Vettel in the third training session.

Lewis Hamilton lost 0.217 seconds to his rival over the 4.309 kilometers. Compared to the Ferrari, the Mercedes feels more comfortable in the curvy middle sector. Since Hamilton buttoned almost two tenths of a second from Vettel despite a small cross stand at Turn 11. In between there was hectic in the Mercedes garage. After his first out-lap, Hamilton headed straight for the garage. The mechanics pushed the car into the box and built a wall in front of the car so that no prying eyes could get through.

A ventilation pipe had come loose from the engine and had to be reattached. After about ten minutes in the garage, Hamilton was allowed to gas again. Valtteri Bottas did not keep up with his teammate. The Finn was in third position, half a second behind. Compatriot Kimi Räikkönen followed in the second Ferrari. The picture from Friday solidifies: The 2007 world champion is clearly lagging behind his garage neighbor.

Red Bull falls off

Red Bull skipped the first half of training. Only after half an hour did Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo get involved. It will come as Red Bull predicted. As soon as Ferrari and Mercedes turn the power screw, the gap opens. Verstappen was 0.785 seconds behind. Ricciardo lost over eight tenths of a second. The day before it was three tenths. For qualification, Red Bull only expects chances when it rains. In the race, however, Red Bull could be dangerous. At least that's what the long runs on Friday indicated.

HaasF1 is still in the best form in midfield. Kevin Magnussen was the faster man in the US racing team this time. Romain Grosjean finished eighth ahead of Pierre Gasly in the Toro Rosso. Honda's Spec-3 engine is making an impact. The day before, the Toro Rosso had driven with the older, less powerful specification in order to save mileage. Charles Leclerc completed the top 10 in the Sauber, which Renault again missed. Like the two Force India. In addition to Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon receives a starting place penalty. Force India had the gearbox before the weekendchange.

Stoffel Vandoorne experienced a moment of shock. At turn eleven, the Belgian apparently met a bird that the McLaren driver did not meet.

Sebastian Vettel lined up just behind the Mercedes on Friday afternoon.

The title holder was the fastest man in the first and last section. Engine power counts above all. The middle sector was determined by Daniel Ricciardo in Red Bull, who finished fourth overall.Contact pressure is required there. Sebastian Vettel also got involved in the awarding of the top spots. Ferrari's locking tip lost just 73 thousandths over the 4.309 kilometers. The starting point promises excitement. Mercedes and Ferrari seem at eye level. And Red Bull is also lively involved. Although technical problems limited the training program.

Max Verstappen spent half of the training in the garage. Obviously his Red Bull RB14 lost oil. Only 43 minutes before the final whistle did the World Cup fifth roll out of the box. First he did a run on the soft tires before he had the softest tire compound Supersoft attached for a qualification simulation. Like the competition. For eleven turns it looked as if Verstappen could stir up the top trio. Then the winner of the Austrian and Mexican GP in 2018 ran into Lance Stroll's Williams. A few thousandths of a gap became almost half a second. Nevertheless, it was enough to place himself in front of Kimi Räikkönen in the second Ferrari. The Finn drove his fastest lap on the supersoft rubbers over half an hour earlier. The gap of almost half a second to Vettel has to give the iceman something to think about.

Hülkenberg flies

Nico Hülkenberg produced the only accident of the day. After just ten minutes of training, the 2015 Le Mans winner sank his Renault into the guardrail. Hülkenberg had crashed over the curb at the exit of Turn 12, slipped into the grass from there and landed in the lane. The impact dismantled the front wing, the suspensions on the right side of the vehicle and the underbody. The transmission could also have been damaged. But that wouldn't be tragic. “Both the Friday engine and the Friday transmission were in the car,” reported Renault's team boss Cyril Abiteboul. The marshals towed the Renault, the medical car brought Hülkenberg back into the pits.

Nico Hulkenberg permanently demolished his Renault.

Renault already expected a rather difficult weekend in advance. In Interlagos there are too few slow corners in which the R.S. 18 can shinecould. Medium-fast and fast corners are not suitable for the yellow-black car, such as the HaasF1 VF18. Carlos Sainz clearly missed the top 10 in 14th place.

Romain Grosjean secured the position behind the top teams for the second time. This time, however, not with team-mate Kevin Magnussen in tow. Charles Leclerc pushed himself between the two HaasF1 cars in the Sauber. “Here you need engine power and downforce. We have both, 'says Sauber team manager Beat Zehnder, explaining the good performance of the Swiss racing team. It even managed to keep the two Force Indias of Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez behind them. Although Sauber rates the pink cars a bit more strongly.

The short distance makes the field close. The top and bottom lights are not separated by 1.9 seconds - with the exception of accident pilot Nico Hülkenberg.

GP Brazil 2018 - result of the first training session

Verstappen leads tight top field

Mexico winner Max Verstappen has won the first blow in Brazil. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton lined up behind the Dutchman. The top 3 were within a tenth of a second. In midfield, HaasF1 sets the pace.

Max Verstappen is slowly becoming a training master. In Mexico, the 21-year-old Dutchman was unbeaten in all trial rounds. In Brazil, Verstappen continued his series in the first practice session, although Red Bull only sees himself as number three in the field on the 4.309-kilometer circuit.

The two-time winner of the season drove his RB14 on the super soft tires in 1: 09.011 minutes around 15 turns. Verstappen achieved the top position especially in the middle section with some medium-fast corners. Above all, downforce counts. Sector one and three with the long straights belonged to the Mercedes in the first practice session. Red Bull lost time in these sections, however. One unknown on training Friday is the requested engine power. Usually Mercedes and Ferrari only turn up their power on Saturday.

Foam destroys Ricciardo's Turbo

Verstappen's team-mate Daniel Ricciardo set the fourth fastest lap time. Bad luck continues to haunt the Australian like its own shadow. A newly installed turbocharger costs him five starting places. The reason for the exchange is doubly annoying. After the failure in Mexico due to a defective clutch, the marshals sprayed extinguishing agent on the turbocharger, which was destroyed.

In the first practice session, Ferrari tested its new underbody with the nine spikes in front of the USA and Mexico for the third time Rear wheels. Towards the middle of training, the mechanics unscrewed the underbody on both cars. It doesn't look like the upgrade will have the desired effect. Sebastian Vettel succeeded with the old sub-floorand Kimi Räikkönen faster lap times. But that was also due to an improvement in the route.

Vettel, who won three times in his career in Brazil, only missed the record by half a tenth. Team mate Raikkonen achieved his lap time on the soft tires. It was only enough for the fifth position. The remaining top cars were fitted with the super soft tires - the softest Pirelli compound for the racing weekend in Sao Paulo.

HaasF1 ahead of Sauber and Force India

Ferrari is the favorite in Interlagos. The route profile requires a medium level of downforce. That's exactly to the taste of the SF71H. Ferrari wants to keep the constructors' world championship open. Preferably with a double win. It is best for Mercedes to bag the team title on Sunday. But you can't lose more than 13 points on Ferrari.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton finished the first training session in third place. The gap was minimal at 0.096 seconds. Mercedes tested different rear wings in order to filter out the best aerodynamic configuration. Valtteri Bottas took sixth place. In between, the Mercedes mechanics jacked up the number 77 car and unscrewed the underbody. They suspected an oil leak. It turned out to be a false alarm.

HaasF1 led midfield. The fluid track layout with only a few slow corners fits the profile of the VF18. Romain Grosjean won the team-internal duel by three tenths of a second. Behind Kevin Magnussen in the second US race car, Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon finished in the upper half of the table.

Toro Rosso has to improve

For Sauber it's about eighth place in the team - World Cup. Followers Toro Rosso are three points behind. In Brazil, the Red Bulls junior team is putting the new aerodynamics package on both cars, which was previously only used in Mexico. Brendon Hartley drove it there. Both cars also power Honda's Spec-3 engine. And so far there have been no starting place penalties against Toro Rosso. So ideal conditions. The team still has to improve if you want to challenge Sauber. Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley found themselves in the lower third of the table at the beginning.

Three drivers had to watch in the first 90 minutes: Lando Norris replaced Fernando Alonso at McLaren. Antonio Giovinazzi climbed into the second Sauber for Marcus Ericsson. And Nicholas Latifi ran for Sergio Perez in Force India. The great cloud cover over Sao Paulo held tight. The mercury climbed to 20 degrees. The track was 37 degrees.


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