GP Belgium 2015 (Training 2)

GP Belgium 2015 (Training 2)
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N ico Rosberg was on Friday (08/21/2015 ) the main actor in the free practice sessions for the Belgian GP. In the morning the Monegasse experienced a small false start with a drive problem. But after the quick repair, he even set the best time at the end of the session. The Mercedes driver created the same work of art in the afternoon. His best time of the day was 1: 49.385 minutes in the end.

Rosberg's tire explodes

But the speed of the Silver Arrows driver, which was more than seven and a half tenths faster than the first nothing Mercedes , didn't make the biggest headlines. Rosberg gave the spectators - and himself - a real shock when his right rear tire burst between the fast corners of Stavelot and Blanchimont.

The car spun across the track without a chance to react. Fortunately, there were large run-off zones at the accident site. But even without a direct impact on the gang, the car was badly damaged by the torn tires in the rear. The pilot was uninjured, but was shaken up properly.

'That was a shock for me,' reported Rosberg afterwards. 'Losing control at 306 km /h is not a nice feeling. The fact that I didn't take the hit wasn't a skill. That was luck.' It is not yet clear what triggered the tire blowout. In an onboard recording, it can be seen that a bubble had formed early on in the group and it continued to expand. Only after a minute did it burst.

Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe had the question marks written on his face: 'In my career I have never seen a tire dissolve so slowly. Normally it works more quickly.' Rosberg did not want to rush to blame the tire manufacturer. 'It makes no sense to speculate now. We have to wait to see what the Pirelli investigations reveal.'

Ericsson takes care of the second Interruption

After the accident, the session was interrupted for 10 minutes in order to safely recover the debris and the car. As soon as it started again, the next serious accident happened. In the fast Puhon corner, Marcus Ericsson came a little too far out onto the curbs or the artificial turf, lost control and slid sideways into the boards.

The Sauber was violently in on the right sideAffected. The pilot was able to get out on his own. To be on the safe side, however, the medical car was called to the scene of the accident. Again the meeting had to be interrupted shortly before the end. That made it difficult for the other pilots to collect usable longrun data.

Vettel only in 10th place

Ferrari in particular could have used a few more practice laps. Red Bull made a better impression than Scuderia with Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo in third and fourth place. Sebastian Vettel even ended up only in 10th place. Nico H├╝lkenberg was also well on the way in 6th place. Sauber was able to drive into the top ten with both cars. After the Ericsson crash, the mood among the Swiss is a bit depressed.

We have some pictures from free practice in our gallery.


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