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GP Bahrain deadline: Teams can react as far as Shanghai

GP Bahrain deadline
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B ernie Ecclestone will not cancel the Bahrain Grand Prix of her own accord. The Formula 1 Zampano had attended a lunch in London on Wednesday (March 28th), to which the managing director of the Bahrain International Circuit, Zayed al Zayani, had invited. There he reaffirmed his ambition to go through with the race scheduled for April 22nd.

No concerns about safety

Ecclestone has criticized the implementation of the controversial Grand Prix Not apply. The 81-year-old told Reuters that rumors of a cancellation and possible unrest in the country were nonsense. 'I am sure that all necessary measures will be taken. We have never had concerns about safety. I don't know why we should have them now.'

Circuit director Zayed Alzayani took the opportunity to assure his guests that nothing will happen. He hopes that the Formula 1 Grand Prix - the biggest sporting event in the Gulf state - can reunite the citizens of the country.

Although the conflicts in Bahrain have flared up again and again recently, the teams want it Don't get in the way of running. Apparently, people do not trust the peace in the desert state. A small survey by auto motor und sport in the paddock in Malaysia showed that the teams can react flexibly to new developments until shortly before leaving for Bahrain.

The itinerary was planned in such a way that you can continue until the evening after the Grand Prix of China (April 15). The cars would then not go by air freight from Shanghai to Bahrain as planned, but via Dubai to Europe. The flight tickets for the staff were also booked in such a way that everything can be canceled within a few hours.


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