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GP Bahrain 2015 (Practice 1): Ferrari duo at the top

GP Bahrain 2015 (Training 1)
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I n first free practice for the GP Bahrain held up the action on the track as expected within limits. With temperatures of up to 36 ° C, the conditions on the desert course were not very representative at noon. As is well known, qualifying and the race are only driven under floodlights after sunset. There was not much to learn for the engineers and drivers.

Mercedes used the first 90 minutes for an extreme load test of the medium tires. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton completed 15 laps in a row relatively early in the session. The track, which was still very dusty at the time, did not allow fast times. In the end, the Silver Arrow duo had to be content with places 15 and 16.

Vettel with drive problems

Ferrari did it the other way around. After a few installation rounds at the beginning, the red cars did not get back on the track until the end of the session. Kimi Räikkönen used the now much better conditions for his first training best time of the year. The Finn lapped the track in 1: 37.827 minutes - a good two tenths faster than his teammate Sebastian Vettel, who ended up in 2nd place.

However, the Heppenheimer did not go well at the Bahrain opener. Already on his first few kilometers, the four-time champion complained about the lack of engine power. The car was examined for a long time in the garage. Before Vettel could increase his pace at the end of the session, he had to wiggle a few kilometers at half throttle. With 12 laps, he unwound the fewest kilometers. Incidentally, both Ferraris were already on the road with the second engine package.

Button breakdown after 2 laps

Jenson Button got off to an even worse start. On the second lap the Brit spun in his McLaren in the first corner. It wasn't a driving mistake to blame, it was an engine failure. For the 2009 world champion, the session ended prematurely. The car could be returned to the pits, but the mechanics were unable to complete the repairs in time before the end of the training session. Among other things, the battery had to be changed.

Things went better for team-mate Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard had the seventh fastest time noted. With Carlos Sainz in 4th place, Daniel Ricciardo in 5th, Max Verstappen in 6th and Daniil KvyatAlonso found himself in 9th place in the middle of the Red Bull /Toro Rosso quartet. The two Williams drivers Valtteri Bottas (2nd place) and Felipe Massa (10th place) also made it into the top ten.

Nico Hülkenberg ranked 13th in the table, which was not very informative. Force India used the session primarily for aero tests with flow sensors and FloViz paint. In the second session (from 4:50 p.m. in>> live ticker ) the times will then certainly be a bit more representative. Then the soft tire will also be used for the first time.


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