GP Azerbaijan 2018: Grand Prix of Scrap Cars
Grand Prix of junk cars
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E s was a material battle. The third Grand Prix in Azerbaijan also lived up to its reputation as a crash festival. Six cars were eliminated due to accidents. Four crossed the finish line with significant damage. Five drivers were already in the pits in the first two laps to have their cars repaired. Hardly any driver came over the distance without touching or making mistakes. There were four crashes in the starting lap alone. It wasn't easy to find out who was driving against whom. Here are the minutes.

Either way or less. Half of the underbody and the right mirror of the Toro Rosso were lost. In addition, the steering was bent. Gasly was right to be upset about his opponent in the accident. Magnussen got 10 seconds added to his total time, but that didn't do much damage. He was already last.

Only Fernando Alonso brought his injured car into the points. Another achievement by the Spaniard. The McLaren engineers calculated a loss of 20 points of downforce. Still, it was enough to keep up the pace of the Sauber and Williams. “The car was amazingly competitive,” reported Alonso. Just imagine what would have been possible with an intact car. Maybe even third place. Alonso was rightly upset about Sirotkin: “You are extra careful in turns 1 and 2, and then other drivers prefer to get into your car instead of taking their foot off the accelerator. That's just stupid. '


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