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GP Abu Dhabi race analysis: How did Vettel manage to catch up?

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GP Abu Dhabi 2012 (race analysis)
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Why did Felipe Massa put such a cloud of smoke on the floor?

E s had something funny about it. Even if Felipe Massa found his lathe operator anything but funny. But the suddenly erupting Ferrari was the icing on the cake of a series of spins, skidding cars and enemy contact within a few laps. Massa was on the inside of the corner, Mark Webber wanted to pass the Brazilian on the outside.

'The duel with Webber was a fundamental moment because I have a lot of places at a crucial point in the race lost, 'says Massa. 'He tried to pass me on the outside and we touched. Then he cut the chicane and came back on the track. To avoid hitting him, it forced me into a spin. A shame because I would have finish the race before Kobayashi. '

Who collided with whom?

Accidents occurred in the 55 lap Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, so to speak, every minute . Nobody could complain about boredom. Instead, the overview was lost a bit in the meantime, as you couldn't keep up with all the incidents. There was already a lot going on at the start. Here Nico Hulkenberg, Bruno Senna and Paul di Resta were involved in a collision. Hulkenberg was sandwiched between the two of them and then complained that di Resta had left him little space. However, he was not aware of any guilt. H├╝lkenberg had to give up the race, di Resta suffered a flat tire.

On the first lap, Sebastian Vettel clashed with Senna and damaged his front wing in the process. Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean also made acquaintance. The Frenchman dragged himself into the pits with a broken right front tire. A short time later, Nico Rosberg had a spectacular crash into Narain Karthikeyan because the steering was broken. Mark Webber and Felipe Massa dueled on lap 27, whereupon Massa spun. But the Australian also got hit when Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez touched and Webber got stuck on Grosjean. Perez received a stop-and-go penalty.

How did Sebastian Vettel make it from 24th to third place?

'The race once from Rolling up the rear is actually enough, but we did it twice, 'said Sebastian Vettel after the race. With that he got his story to the point.Because the double world champion had to start twice to move forward. After the first lap, he was in 21st place with 15.132 seconds separating him from the leader Lewis Hamilton. When the safety car hit the track on lap nine, Vettel was already twelfth. A few collisions helped him, but also good overtaking maneuvers.

The restart would have been another chance for Vettel to move forward. Instead he had to have the front wing changed in the pits and was again last at the restart on lap 14, 12.872 seconds behind. Little by little it went up the rankings. From lap 31 he was even led in second place, but had to make another stop. On lap 37 there was the perfect opportunity for this, because Paul di Resta, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado held up the traffic and thus opened the perfect gap for Vettel. He only lost two positions and was around 15 seconds behind Button when he got back on track. The second safety car phase came at just the right time on lap 40 and Vettel was able to catch up. With eight laps of older medium tires, the McLaren driver defended himself with all his might, but had no chance against Vettel on newer soft tires.

Why did Sebastian Vettel let Romain Grosjean pass by voluntarily?

On lap 16 Sebastian Vettel also overtook Lotus driver Romain Grosjean on his foray. But it wasn't long before both command posts were in a state of excitement. At Lotus, Grosjean was radioed to speak to race director Charlie Whiting. The TV pictures showed how Vettel crossed the white line and thus left the route. Before there could be a possible penalty like in Hockenheim, the Red Bull command post reacted immediately and gave Vettel over the radio to let Grosjean pass again. A few turns later, however, he caught the French again.


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