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Glock and Hülkenberg: Not much more is possible at the moment

Glock and Hulkenberg
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N after the great ninth starting place in Melbourne, Nico Hülkenberg is disillusioned returned. In Malaysia, the tall Rhinelander will start the race from position 16. In the midfield, the competition from Sauber, Williams and Ferrari seems to have overtaken Force India. McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Lotus are completely out of reach.

Hülkenberg loses team duel

'Above all, we lack traction,' complains Hülkenberg. When accelerating out of slow corners, the green-white-orange car cannot keep up with the competition. There is no prospect of improvement in sight. 'The first major update will not come until the start of Europe,' explains Hülkenberg. 'Especially when it comes to exhaust, we have to go a step further.'

After the good performance in Melbourne, the German also lost his first team duel against Paul di Resta. 13 thousandths decided in the end in favor of the Scot. 'I made a few small mistakes in the first sector. But that wasn't decisive.' Hulk had expected that it would be difficult. 'I'm not super disappointed, even if 16th place doesn't sound good, of course.'

The returnees don't expect a big increase in the race. Points become very difficult. 'We can't get up there on our own. I don't expect any big advantages from the tires either.' So Hülkenberg has to hope for the weather. 'I wouldn't have anything against a little rain shower. Aerodynamics don't play that big a role. And I like to drive in the wet.'

Marussia fights with Pirelli tires

Timo Glock too must hope for a chaos race on Sunday. Like Hulkenberg, the Marussia driver could live with the result, even if he was not entirely happy. 'In the third practice session we suddenly lost two tenths with the softer tire, while the other eight tenths got faster. We only got a little better with a change to the setup.'

In qualifying, however, was once again no longer there than 21st place. 'I didn't really feel the rear end. I didn't know how aggressively I can accelerate.' The Hessian did not have a solution. 'I have no idea why it is. We have never had something like this since Pirelli tires existed.'

Nonetheless, Glock found some positive points about the weekend. 'The car runs without any problems and we are much closer to the rest. We also have half a second on Caterhamcaught up. We are still working on the setup and understanding the car. We keep learning. 'But Glock doesn't expect big jumps in the future.' We have already exhausted the setup quite a lot. So we won't find another second anytime soon. '


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