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German Grand Prix 2015: Hockenheim instead of Nürburgring

Grand Prix of Germany 2015
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U pdate ++ Reaction Hockenheim ++ The Grand Prix of Since 2008, Germany has been held alternately at the Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring every year. This year, however, something will change in this rhythm. After the financial squabbles over the sale of the Nürburgring, Formula 1 will appear in the Motodrom for the second year in a row in 2015.

Ecclestone wants Hockenheimring instead of Nürburgring

As Hockenheimring managing director Georg Seiler opposite auto motor und sport admitted that initial discussions about a possible staging of the race in the 2015 season began shortly after the 2014 Grand Prix. 'But we can only say something once the contract has been signed. But we haven't got that far yet.'

Bernie Ecclestone, on the other hand, seems to be very sure that an agreement will be reached: 'We will drive in Hockenheim. We are currently in the process of finding something with them, 'the F1 boss is quoted by Bild.

The race at the Nürburgring has moved a long way off due to the unclear financial situation. 'The race cannot be at the Nürburgring because nobody is there,' said Ecclestone. A specific route was deliberately left out of the 2015 racing calendar. Only the date is clear. The 10th Grand Prix of the season will take place on German soil on July 19th.

Ecclestone apparently wants to adjust the existing contract with Hockenheim. The current contract is only valid for the years 2016 and 2018. 'Now we just have to adjust the years,' said the F1 boss. 'So far the contract with the Nürburgring has alternated, we will change that now.'

Ecclestone has to accommodate Hockenheim financially

Just swap the dates - according to the organizers from Hockenheim, it's not that easy. The financial modalities also have to be adjusted, says Managing Director Seiler. In 2014, only 52,000 spectators came to the traditional Baden route. The Hockenheimring had to post a minus on the balance sheet. Every year you just can't afford it for reasons of prestige.

'Of course we want to write positive numbers,' explained Seiler. After the decline in spectators in 2014, Ecclestone has to accommodate the Hockenheimring. With financial support from the red-green state government or from private individualsThe organizers still cannot hope for sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz.

Nevertheless, they are now feverishly trying to find a solution. In general, they are ready, as in the past, to hold the race annually. Organizationally, that would not cause any problems for the experienced team at the Hockenheimring. 'However, a prompt decision is now desirable and necessary,' said Seiler. Partners and sponsors must be informed well in advance. The important Christmas business with advance ticket sales has already been missed.


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