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German pilots in Valencia
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Sebastian Vettel:

S ebastian Vettel has to wait until the late evening hours until he knows whether Red Bull will compete with an F-slot or not. 'More yes than no,' said Vettel when he disappeared at 5 p.m. in the direction of the driver's meeting. The second fastest on the first day of training was satisfied with the start in Valencia. 'It's going better than expected. We're going fast for Friday. We have made a good step forward with the car.'

The tire situation also improved from lap to lap after a lot of dirt in the morning was on the racing line. 'In the first practice session the track was as dirty as in Montreal. The tires deteriorated so badly that we only managed GP2 times in the end. In the afternoon the tires were okay. The better the track got, the more the grain disappeared . '

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg was able to draw attention to himself with the best time in the first training session. In the second test he had to be content with fourth place. 'I am quite satisfied. It was a step in the right direction. I am in good spirits that it will be better than in Montreal,' said the Silver Arrows driver, drawing a positive conclusion. The main reason for the joy lay in the technical updates: 'We have made good progress on the car. That will certainly bring us a few tenths. We have definitely come closer to the top.'

Above all With a lot of fuel the car is strong, explained Rosberg. But he couldn't say what exactly is better: 'The car just feels stronger.' However, there were also small question marks. 'The tires are not yet working one hundred percent,' complained Rosberg. Even in Montreal, Mercedes couldn't get the rubbers under control. 'That is still a problem. It is not that easy to solve either. But it is less of a problem here than in Montreal. I am confident that we will get a little better tomorrow.'

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil was beaming with the sun after the second free practice session in Valencia: 'The car is wonderful. I have nothing to complain about today.' One reason for the good mood was the most important technology update at Force India. The latest version of the F-shaft finally worked: It definitely brought something and remains on both cars. I was hoping we could fix it and it seems to be working. 'It should be around six km /hRear wing trick to make Sutil's car faster on the straight.

That might even be more than eighth place in second practice. 'You can already see that to some extent: I was doing very well with hard tires. It was also good with the soft tires, but I just couldn't manage the lap. There is still a lot more possible,' says Sutil, who is as optimistic as ever. The tires should only cause problems in qualifying. 'It is very difficult to take advantage of the soft tire. It only lasts for one lap really fast. For me, the problems even started in the last sector. You have to divide it up well. On the long runs, however, it is constant.'

Nico H├╝lkenberg:

Nico H├╝lkenberg could not be satisfied with the result of the first day of training. The German was 1.2 seconds short of Rubens Barrichello. In the morning, both Williams pilots drove the F-shaft. Because the system at Hulkenberg wasn't working as expected, he drove without it in the afternoon and settled the residue that he had to nibble on. 'I have to be able to get within two tenths of Rubens here,' he said of himself.

There was also something wrong with the setup, the GP2 champion suspected. 'There was no harmony. Since Rubens is pretty happy, I have to look over the data again. There has to be some explanation for it.' Valencia is well-known terrain for Hulkenberg. The German even clinched a victory in the GP2 series on this route. 'I can still remember that we got over the curbs well with our GP2 car. That was more difficult with Formula 1.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glocks Gesture said it all. He put the edge of his hand to his neck when he and his Virgin had rolled out on the track. After 14 laps it was time to go back to work. 'Fifth gear broken,' suspected technical director Nick Wirth and shook his head: 'Every race is different. I'm still going crazy. It was going so well before.' Glock could keep up with the Lotus. The fact that Glock and the Lotus were 0.8 seconds apart in the end was due to the fact that Glock never pulled out on the soft tires with little gasoline in the tank.

'Before that, I was within two tenths of a second with Kovalainen, and I still made one mistake on my fastest lap.' The new suspension at the front and rear has apparently proven itself. 'It feels good, but I can't substantiate it with numbers because we don't have a direct comparison,' said Glock. Wirth euphorically predicts a dramatic improvement for Silverstone: 'Wait until we bring our big aerodynamics package. Then things really move forward.'

Michael Schumacher:

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