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German F1 drivers: perfect day for Vettel and Sutil

German F1 pilots
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Sebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel has zoomed back in the middle of the Formula 1 World Championship race with his second win of the season. Leader Lewis Hamilton is twelve points missing after nine races. The Heppenheimer was in the lead from the first to the last lap. Its flawless ride was only shocked for two seconds. The one right after the start. Lewis Hamilton wanted to pass inside turn two and touched the right rear tire of the Red Bull. 'I couldn't see how he hit me and was afraid that he might have damaged the tire with the wing. That's why I'm the one I drove carefully on the first lap in case I had a puncture. But then I realized that everything was okay. '

The surprise came in the parc fermé: 'I saw that the entire underbody was damaged at the rear right. But the car still felt good.' When restarting after the safety car phase, Vettel braked in the target curve. 'I got myself a brake plate in the front right. The penalty for Lewis eased the pressure on me a bit. He was ten seconds behind me. From then on I could easily control him. If he got faster, I also gained. For. For.' For the rest of the race, I just had to be careful that the front right didn't lock the wheel again. '

M it the F-slot, Vettel quickly became friends. 'You automatically put your hand on the hole. It becomes routine so quickly that you have to think about it if you don't.' The winner only saw the pictures of Mark Webber's accident after the Formula 1 race. 'It shows us all that the saying 'Motor racing is dangerous' has not lost its justification. It is not on all tickets for nothing. The fact that Mark remained unharmed is thanks to the great safety of today's cars. Despite all the safety, we should never show respect lose in front of these cars. '

Adrian Sutil:

In sixth place, Adrian Sutil's Grand Prix weekend ended in a forgiving way. After the disappointment in qualifying, the Force India driver moved forward step by step in the race. Sutil managed one of the most beautiful overtaking maneuvers of the day when he overtook Sebastien Buemi's Toro Rosso. 'That was pretty close, but he also behaved very fairly,' said Sutil, praising his Swiss rival. 'After that, I was behind Kubica but couldn't get past. We were both behind RubensBarrichello, who stopped us a bit. '

After the pit stop, he had Fernando Alonso's Ferrari on his neck for a long time.' That was not a problem. I think we were even faster than the Ferrari today. The car went really well again, 'said the Gräfelfingen Formula 1 driver. After the race, Sutil, like eight of his colleagues, was downgraded by five seconds.' Of course, I was lucky that it had no negative effects on me. 'According to Sutil he hardly had a chance to avoid the penalty. 'I was two seconds under the safety car time. I almost had to stop in order to keep to the limit. '

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg was always in tenth place, only to end up with nothing. The Williams driver couldn't hide his disappointment that the right rear tire peeled off its tread like an onion skin. The fault was a broken exhaust that had softened the tire. 'In addition, some part caught fire in the rear.' Hulkenberg reacted his anger at a tire wall. 'Points would have been absolutely possible today, even if the safety car came at the stupidest time for me. I had just run in a brake plate. At the restart I also lost a place against Alonso. '

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock's European GP was exciting. 19th place for the Hessian sounds worse When the race looked from his point of view, the headache was initially a bad start: 'I was stuck behind my team-mate Lucas (di Grassi) for a long time. Whenever I got closer to him, I ruined my tires. When the wheels locked once, the right front tire was over. I pitted straight away and switched to the soft tires. '

' After that, the car was perfect until I crashed into it while overtaking Senna and destroyed my rear tires in the process. So I had to pit for the second time. On the last lap I was able to overtake Chandhok, which brought me to the front of the new teams. 'Three hours after the race, Glock was downgraded one place again because he was one of the nine drivers who had been declared the safety car The lap times in the race remained the greatest success for Glock. His fastest lap was only 3.5 seconds above Jenson Button's record.

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg can thank the race management for his championship point. The five-second penalty for Pedro de la Rosa and Vitaly Petrov allowed the Mercedes driver to move up from 12th to 10th. 'It It wasn't a great race and it wasn't fun, 'complained Rosberg despite the gift.' I was fighting for grip and was having trouble protecting my brakes. Even in such races you can gain experience for later. We have to work hard now to resolve our problemssolve. '

Michael Schumacher:

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