German F1 drivers in Belgium: mixed start

German F1 drivers in Belgium
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Sebastian Vettel:

G Sebastian Vettel would have done more laps in Spa on Friday. But the break on the wet track had its limits: 'Driving in the wet is really fun. Unfortunately we are a little limited in terms of tires. You could drive a lot and try a lot, but the tires are simply missing.' In order to save enough fresh rubber for qualifying and the race, the German limited himself to a total of 30 laps in both sessions.

In the second practice session, the Red Bull driver drove the sixth best time of the day. Vettel was then satisfied. 'All in all, it wasn't a bad day for us. Fridays are always difficult to say how good you are. We weren't right at the front today, but we're doing quite well.' Adrian Sutil's Force India was also fast, which didn't surprise the Red Bull youngster: 'What you can see again is that some teams were back at the front because of the long straights that had disappeared in the last few races.' In the morning he first had to do a mandatory task. Teammate Mark Webber celebrated his birthday: 'We won't be best friends anymore,' admits Vettel. 'But I congratulated him. That is part of decency and respect.'

Nico Rosberg:

With Nico Rosberg, the mood after the second training session was not particularly good. The bad weather did not play a role in Mercedes. 'It was a difficult start for us. We had so many new parts here. Getting them to work is not that easy. Then there is the chaos of the weather on the track, which is very difficult. That threw us back a bit . ' Rosberg had to admit: 'We weren't very fast today. We still have to find some speed.'

The recipe is simple: 'We just have to make sure that everything works. Today Michael had a few good and a few bad parts on it. And for me as well.' Rosberg again complained of a few heat problems from the blown diffuser. 'And the new F-shaft is not 100 percent either.' At Mercedes you have to fear that Renault and Force India will pass in qualifying. 'That is quite possible,' complained the German.

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg drove a Formula 1 car to Spa for the first time on Friday. The rain didn't exactly simplify the task on the demanding route. Butthe F1 rookie enjoyed the ride: 'It was great today. It's just a lot of fun to drive here.' The technology didn't cause any problems either. 'The only problems today were the moody weather and the rain tires, which give up very quickly in wet conditions. If it stays wet until Sunday, I don't think we have enough sets.'

Whether it is rainy or dry slopes the Williams youngster doesn't care in qualifying. 'We were doing well in both conditions. Like Rubens Barrichello, I clocked a 1: 50.1 time. But that was not on the time table because the red flag came in the last corner.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock had a positive start to the Belgium weekend. 'The first practice session was good. We were doing well in the rain. I was happy.' In the afternoon, things didn't go according to plan. After just 15 minutes, the Odenwälder hit the tire wall with his Virgin. 'Then I got on intermediates with the rear right wheel on the white stripe and flew off,' admits Glock of his own mistake.

The mechanics of the young team will have a shorter evening. A major repair is necessary to get the car ready to drive again: 'I think that a lot has broken down. Everything gone on the front wing, right front wheel suspension and rear suspension broken.' The German is hoping for rain again on Saturday. 'I do think that it looks a little better for us in the wet.'

Michael Schumacher:

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Adrian Sutil:

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