German F1 drivers: home defeat at Hockenheim

German F1 drivers at the German GP
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Sebastian Vettel:

W he already at Silverstone, Sebastian Vettel messed up the race at the start. Once again there was no victory from pole position. 'I had a lot of grip when I released the clutch. I had very poor acceleration for the first ten meters. I was lucky that I didn't stall the engine.' Fernando Alonso was already pulling past on the right while Vettel started his sports equipment. Vettel tried to block the Spaniard when Felipe Massa took the lead from the left.

In the end, only third place remained for the Red Bull driver, who took the defeat sportily. 'Congratulations to Ferrari. You were one or two tenths faster than us for long stretches today. I never got close enough.' In the end, Vettel was able to put Felipe Massa under pressure again, but the Brazilian made no mistakes. Vettel had to be satisfied with 15 points. 'Third place was the maximum. We can be proud of that.'

Nico Rosberg:

After the disappointment in qualifying, Nico Rosberg was able to gain a few positive aspects from the race. 'We made the best of our situation today, but after finishing on the podium two weeks ago at Silverstone, eighth place is disappointing and just a damage limitation.' With just four points from Hockenheim, the German can now finally write off the world title. Rosberg is now moving backwards.

The minimum goal is to secure sixth place in the World Cup. There the Silver Arrow driver is currently five points ahead of Renault driver Robert Kubica. 'I only lost two points to Robert Kubica,' calculates the German. 'We had problems all weekend. My strategy was good and the guys did a great job at the pit stop - it was the fastest of the whole race. We'll definitely see better times in Hungary.'

Adrian Sutil :

After the catastrophic qualifying and the penalty transfer for changing the gearbox, the race did not go according to plan for Adrian Sutil either. The race was over after a collision in the third corner. Force India team-mate Tonio Liuzzi hit the German's car. 'He just shot me down,' Sutil made serious allegations against the Italian. 'He wanted to attack me in a full-throttle left-hand corner. That just doesn't work. That ruined my race. But we talked about it and the point isDone. '

Sutil went straight to the pits after the collision to pick up hard tires.' We would have driven through it. That wouldn't have been that bad. Unfortunately, in my hard set of tires, the left rear tire was a soft one. 'In the confusion of the first lap, the pits had fitted the German's team-mate's rubber. Sutil had to go to the pits again to replace the tire. After the race, there was no the FIA ​​a warning. 'At least it happens with such a starting position and not when we are further ahead', Graefelfinger tried to find something positive.

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock experienced a conciliatory end to the Hockenheim weekend in the race. After the messed up qualifying, he had to pull away from the last row of the grid. But that was not a problem: 'I had a very good start, but I went to the outside line at turn two,' reports the Virgin pilot on the initial phase. 'Unfortunately, both Force India ran into each other there. I had to brake and swerve and the HRT are both over again. '

Although Glock was faster, he had problems against the HRT cars:' Yamamoto left, Senna no chance. Because they just had such a good top speed. When he pitted, I was able to increase my speed. 'In the middle of the race, however, he was slowed down again:' Then one blue flag after another came. That stole my rhythm. Only at the end could I drive a good speed on soft tires. I was only 2.4 seconds off the lead. So something is progressing after all, 'said Glock happily.

Nico Hülkenberg:

It was a mess. Nico Hülkenberg is tenth on the starting grid, and then only he comes in the end 13th place. It is no consolation that team-mate Rubens Barrichello also missed out. 'The problems started with a bad start. This is still our biggest problem at the moment. The engine has too little steam in the lower area. If everything doesn't fit with the clutch, you've lost three places. '

Overtaking turned out to be practically impossible at Hockenheim. Especially since new problems soon arose in the No. 10 Williams.' The brakes weren't great, and I had too much understeer. 'Hulkenberg couldn't understand why his pit let him drive the soft tires up to lap 34.' I asked for new tires several times, but they didn't want me to pit. '

Michael Schumacher:

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