German F1 drivers at the Korean GP

German F1 drivers at the GP Korea
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Nick Heidfeld:

D Great race, in the points for the second time: That is Nick Heidfeld's balance sheet during his temporary job for Sauber. The Mönchengladbacher came in ninth. The final laps were an egg dance on intermediates who had already had 36 laps on the tread. Sauber started the round of pit stops by changing wet tires and intermediates on lap 19. 'I still have to analyze whether that was a good decision. If the second safety car hadn't come, probably yes, but we couldn't have known that.'

It took a few laps, until the Sauber drivers profited from their tire poker. 'In the beginning the extreme weather tires were even better. That's why we were held up by a group of slow drivers for a long time. I couldn't even get past Yamamoto.' Heidfeld repeatedly had duels during the race, including a few with Adrian Sutil. 'Once he suddenly appeared to my left and I could only flinch to the right. I didn't see him coming because the mirrors were so dirty.'

During the break from racing, Heidfeld made two changes, that show his experience. He had a Gurney flap pulled out on the rear wing so that the car was more stable on the road when braking. And he switched from a tinted to a clear visor. 'That helped in the last few laps when it was already really dark.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg scored a World Championship point at the last minute. In the last lap he squeezed past Jaime Alguersuari in tenth place. 'It could easily have been a fifth place if everything had gone according to plan.' The tall guy from Emmerich got off to a good start when the SafetyCar turned off on lap 18. 'I was immediately in front of Rubens. At the next SafetyCar I was unlucky and fell behind him again. And unfortunately also behind my special friend Petrov.'

The Williams driver sat in the middle first row as Petrov in front of his Eyes flew off. 'I saw the crash coming. Petrov always came out of the last lap the four laps before. That was a real drift challenge. Then he accelerated too much and he knocked out the car with a full can.' As a result, Hülkenberg was only concerned with protecting the intermediates. 'It's not easy with our car because the tires are pretty aggressive.' A flat tire on the leftbehind forced him to make a late pit stop. 'Otherwise I would never have pitted.' The new set of intermediates was only a real advantage in the last two laps. 'It took two laps to get up to temperature.'

Adrian Sutil:

The Force India pilot somehow left the impression on the audience that he was has forgotten how to drive. Again and again he drew attention to himself with spins and brakes. Sutil himself noticed that too. 'I had problems with my brakes the whole time,' he apologized. 'I had so much brake pressure that it always blocked. I was off the track several times. In the end I tried to overtake Kobayashi and lost the car in a place that was a bit wetter than I thought and I'm in it the side crashed. '

The punishment for this was immediate. Sutil had to go to the stewards. They muttered a fine of $ 10,000 to the Swiss by choice and a penalty of five places in Brazil. A weekend to forget. 'I'm not happy with my performance,' Sutil admitted. 'It wasn't a good race for me, but I am happy for the team that it worked out so well with Tonio and sixth place.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock was already eleventh when a ToroRosso hit his VirginF1 on lap 32. 'A huge mistake by Buemi. He somehow tricked himself and braked much too aggressively. It's a shame, because it was a race in which we could have finished twelfth or 13th. I made no mistake and showed that I can be fast if conditions permit. '

he impact was so strong that the monocoque of the VirginF1 broke. Glock didn't see the tire that went by a hair's breadth. The Hessian was satisfied with his car on a wet track. 'I had a good balance, a good speed and was clearly the fastest of the newcomers.' So it is little consolation that the opponent in the accident, Sebastien Buemi, was put five places back on the grid at the Brazilian GP.

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg was one of the losers at the Korean GP. The Mercedes GP driver impressed right from the start with a courageous overtaking maneuver against Lewis Hamilton. A moment later, however, he rushed into the spinning Mark Webber and was outside. The 25-year-old had no choice.

'It was hard to tell which way Mark Webber's car would go after his slip and I turned left but he kept spinning and I couldn't avoid him . Too bad - we could have achieved a very good result today. '

Apparently the Mercedes GP was now able to cope better with the car, which was also underlined by Michael Schumacher's fourth place.' With the car that we currently have , our weekend went almost perfectly - up to theCollision ', regrets Rosberg.' Fifth place in qualifying yesterday was good and the car ran very well all weekend. The team did a great job here and thanks to our speed on the straights, I passed Lewis Hamilton early on. So it was a shame that my race was ended prematurely. '

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