German F1 drivers at the Brazilian GP: Race

German F1 drivers at the Brazilian GP
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Sebastian Vettel:

S ebastian Vettel kept his chances for the world title intact with his fourth win of the season. The Heppenheimer is now 15 points behind Fernando Alonso and seven points behind team-mate Mark Webber. He will become world champion if he wins in Abu Dhabi and Alonso does not place better than fifth. In the event of a tie, Vettel won due to the larger number of fourth places. It would then be 3-2 for him compared to the Spaniard.

Vettel made everything clear at the start of the 18th World Championship run. 'Hülkenberg did not get away from pole position quite optimally. That made up for my disadvantage of the poorer track. After that, it was just a matter of keeping the gap to Mark to around 2.5 seconds and not overly stressing the tires.' The distance fluctuated depending on when and where the Red Bull express train met the lapped.

Vettel didn't want to complain: 'On the whole, everyone was paying attention. The route is very short, so the traffic is correspondingly heavy.' In the hour of triumph, Vettel and the team were happy to win the Constructors' Cup: 'I was at the Red Bull factory for the first time in 2005. At that time, Formula 1 was still a long way off for me. It was still a whole new world. that I got to know there, but not comparable to what is there today. '

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg finished sixth despite three pit stops. A curious race with the 'best possible result'. At first, everything started normally for the Mercedes driver. The 13th of the training appeared after one lap in eleventh place. The late tire change on lap 26 pushed him up to fourth place. A good tactic, because after the series of first pit stops, Rosberg came back in seventh place, even ahead of teammate Michael Schumacher Our car is quite softly tuned for rain. If you are still driving with the soft mixture, the car rocks quite a lot in the corners. In the safety car phase, the Mercedes strategists wanted to land a coup and give Rosberg a fresh set of soft tires for the last 20 laps. But the shot seemed to backfire. Rosberg spent 37 instead of 21 seconds in the pit lane. “There was a misunderstanding between the pit wall and the mechanics. All of a sudden I hada set of hard tires on it. '

But then the tactics team reacted quickly. Because Hülkenberg and Kubica had already been lapped by Vettel, there was a huge gap behind Rosberg.' So we made another pit stop without losing space correct. 'When the race was reopened, Rosberg couldn't see through.' There were so many lapped vehicles in the middle of the field that sometimes I didn't know who was driving against me and who was not. Once I voluntarily let Massa pass even though he was one lap behind me. But Button was out of sight, and I didn't want to risk anything in the turmoil. '

Nick Heidfeld:

Nick Heidfeld would have had a chance for World Cup points, but he landed only in 17th place. Before the safety car phase on lap 50, he was still one place ahead of teammate Kamui Kobayashi. Then Sauber tried a game of poker with the German. 'We gave him soft tires in the hope that he would be in the final could attack ', explained Peter Sauber. While Heidfeld doubted whether the idea was so smart, his boss defended it:' It just didn't work because Nick was given a drive-through penalty for questionable reasons. '

Heidfeld thought the punishment is fair: 'I fought against Rosberg because I thought he was in the same round with me. So of course I blocked him. In the turmoil after the restart, it was difficult to see who the blue flags were for. I was at the same time in a clinch with Massa. The team informed me too late that I had to let Rosberg pass. '

During his fourth Sauber race, Heidfeld had the feeling that he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time:' Once, Hülkenberg got the whole train stopped, then Sutil. I could never go my pace. It's a shame, because I had a good start, passed two cars on the outside in corners 6 and 7 and was in 12th place after one lap, so not that far from the points. '

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock had only one comment left for his run in 20th place: 'A boring race for me.' The Virgin driver lost his private duel against the two Lotus drivers. 'The start was well, I was lying in front of both lotus, but then Petrov is in front of me through the dirt and Kovalainen scurried past me. At the beginning I was able to keep up, but at some point it disappeared on the horizon. '

Virgin saddled Glock to hard tires early on, which was not a flash of inspiration.' The tires deteriorated quite a lot. Trulli stayed outside a lap longer and caught up for half a second. As a result, I fell behind the second Lotus. 'In the end, hope once again sprang up briefly at the Odenwälder.' The safety car phase gave us a new chance, but the speed on the straight was lacking to beat the Lotus. '

Adrian Sutil:

From position 22 on the grid, Adrian Sutil's hopes for points were limited, but he struggled in the raceForce India pilot continues to advance towards the top ten. 'After a decent start, I was on the harder tires for the first part of the race. That worked really well. I thought it would be difficult because the tires might be grainy, but the car always seemed to be working better and I was getting really competitive lap times drive. '

Then the Graefelfinger was also lucky with the accident of his teammate Tonio Liuzzi. 'In the safety car phase we switched directly to the soft mix and tried to gain a few positions. It was difficult to overtake the Toro Rossos because they were incredibly fast on the straight. At least I managed to get past Buemi and have made up a position. ' Even if it wasn't quite enough, Sutil drew a positive conclusion. 'I am satisfied with the placement and the performance.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

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Michael Schumacher:

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