Gallery of the Grid Girls of Motorsport 2017
Grid Girls of the motorsport year 2017
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D he Formula 1 practically attracts grid girls magically on. They used to be more revealing on the world's racetracks. Because the sponsors sometimes whistled about political correctness. But even today they are not stingy with their charms and are often only lightly dressed. The fans like it. The mechanics like it. And if we're honest, we journalists also look after a grid girl. Or several.

Grid Girls of the Year in the photo show

Tight one-pieces, unbuttoned blouses, airy dresses, mini-skirts, hot pants: the choice of clothing in 2017 differed from race track to race track, from race series to race series . But not only bare skin pulls. This is demonstrated in particular by the chic grid girls in Austria in their dirndls.

Regardless of the outfit: the grid girls are popular photo opportunities. Whether in the paddock, in the pit lane or on the starting grid. It is snapped - with the professional camera or with the smartphone. That is often completely irrelevant. The main thing is that there is a grid girl in the photo.

At the end of the year we searched our archive for the nicest, most charming, hippest and hottest grid girls of the motorsport year 2017. Sure, it's a subjective selection. Because tastes are known to differ. A look at the gallery is definitely worth it. See a beautiful smile, fancy poses, a bit of glamor and chic.


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