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Further trouble for Force India: The 33 million dollar dispute

More trouble for Force India
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S since 23 August 2018 at Force India is formally saved at 7 p.m. The old racing team no longer exists. The new one opens a new chapter under the license of “Racing Point Force India” with an emptied points account in Spa. All teams agreed to the rescue operation with many legal tricks and a generous interpretation of the regulations. But when the representatives carefully read the FIA's announcement, they had doubts as to whether everything was going well.

If Force India starts under a new application, then like every new team they will face the end of the year only the money from the so-called second pillar. So the prize money that is given for the placement. Since Force India starts the second half of the season with zero points, a 7th place is realistically the best possible result. There would be around $ 23 million for that. Place 10 would be worth $ 13 million.

Will Force India get the $ 33 million entry fee?

The new investor at Force India, Lawrence Stroll, asks the other teams to approve the distribution of the $ 33 million entry fee to Force India. New teams are usually not entitled to this money.

With regard to the sign-up fee from pillar 1, some teams believe that Lawrence Stroll controlled racing team, the same rules apply as for a new team. According to this, Force India would have to expect money from the Pillar 1 pot under the new license in 2021 at the earliest. This is about $ 33 million.

Some teams want this money now ForceDispute India. In the hope that it will be distributed to the rest with the watering can. In addition, the rebels doubt whether the old Force India team can just be deleted from the table.

After three non-appearances, the entry fee is definitely not due, but according to some experts the prize money that the racing team that has gone into bankruptcy will achieve its final placement at the end of the season with 59 points. Since Formula 1 cannot pay out the money to the team, this sum would also be distributed among the rest.

Crisis meeting in the Force India Motorhome

This would create a problem for Williams. If the new Force India team were to overtake Williams, Williams would be eleventh and thus not part of the prize pool. Since there is a fire in every corner of the paddock, Lawrence Stroll has invited all the team bosses and Chase Carey to an information session at 6.30 p.m. on Friday (August 24th).

The goal is to show mercy to his competitors agree and get the commitment to participate in the Pillar 1 money. That will be difficult for the Canadian in the shark tank. A team boss thunders: 'If that goes through, we can no longer let a new team wait two years for the first payout.'


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