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Four pilots rotate cockpits: 'Red Bull title also unrealistic'

Four pilots rotating cockpits
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D he transfer carousel came into play during the summer break Rotate. The pilots played “Journey to Jerusalem” - just not with chairs, but with cockpits. In this case one was left without a ticket when the music stopped playing. Fernando Alonso announced his departure after the season. However, the Spaniard was not forced to resign. He stops at his own request.

After 17 years in Formula 1, the motivation and passion are no longer there as it should be. With no chance of victory, Alonso just lost the fun. And the top teams showed no interest in a commitment: 'If you sit in a car capable of winning, then of course you keep driving, even if you no longer feel the motivation,' admitted the Spaniard.

Sainz only briefly without a cockpit

Because Alonso is leaving, his friend and compatriot Carlos Sainz gets a second chance: “When Renault announced the signing of Daniel Ricciardo, I was briefly without a cockpit. But I've had discussions with McLaren for a long time. That's why I wasn't particularly concerned. I'm already looking forward to the new job. The project is designed for the long term. For the first time in my career I signed a two-year contract, ”said Sainz with satisfaction.

The whole castling was triggered by Daniel Ricciardo's move to Renault. The Australian's signature also surprised his old employer Red Bull. “It was a long process. I've pondered back and forth and tried to include all factors. In Hungary I didn't know what I was doing. After the test on Tuesday, I thought about myself for 48 hours and then made my decision. '

Ricciardo wanted a new task

According to Ricciardo, neither the salary nor the fear of Honda or the competition with Max Verstappen played a role. “There was only one key factor: I wanted to change! After 10 years in Formula 1, it's time to tackle something new. I've had contact with Renault for a long time. You were very honest in the negotiations. Nobody promised me that we would win in Melbourne next year. But the future plan convinced me. ”

According to Ricciardo, there were many unknowns on all sides. That's why he won't regret his decision. “Realistically speaking, it's unlikely we'll be with next yearRenault can attack the title. But that wouldn't have been much different at Red Bull. Mercedes and Ferrari are just too strong at the moment. ”

Gasly is looking forward to Verstappen

The big beneficiary of the surprising Ricciardo change is Pierre Gasly. The young Frenchman joins the Red Bull team unexpectedly. “I actually assumed that Daniel would extend. That totally surprised me. But that only shows how quickly things can change in Formula 1. '

According to Ricciardo, Gasly has to pay him a favor for a favor. The promoted is already looking forward to the new task: “For me it is a massive step in my career. Max Verstappen is a very strong driver. It will be a tough challenge. But now I have to concentrate on my time at Toro Rosso first. ”

Next change in Monza?

With the four changes mentioned, the transfer carousel is not over yet. Things could go on in Monza. The Force India sale could switch Lance Stroll from Williams to his father's new team. The vacant place at Williams would then go to Robert Kubica at least until the end of the season. And Ocon, who has to vacate his cockpit at Force India, would like to join McLaren as a new Sainz team-mate.

But Stoffel Vandoorne is still in the second McLaren. “I firmly believe that I will end the season at McLaren,” said Vandoorne. Stroll, in turn, responded to the question of whether he guaranteed to end the season at Williams with the telling answer: 'In Formula 1, you can't guarantee anything.'


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