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N Only just under two months of preparation time remain for the Formula 1 teams at the start of the season in Bahrain. The teams not only have to take care of the development of their cars, they also have to clarify some open questions regarding regulations.

According to the Ferrari team boss, there will be another FOTA meeting at the beginning of February, at which various proposals will be discussed and FOTA goals for the future will be set. The controversial points system is also on the agenda, and the pit stops and the tire regulations are also discussed again. 'For example, we don't yet know whether the drivers will have to start the race with the used tires from qualifying', says Domenicali.

Test regulations are to be revised

Another point that should be revised in the future is the test regulations. After testing at will in the past, there are now only five test weeks of three days each. Further test drives are still prohibited during the season. 'We must have overshot the mark,' complains Domenicali. 'This is a problem especially for young drivers.' One suggestion is that newbies and replacement drivers should have an extra day to get used to before their debut. This is primarily for safety, says Domenicali.

The Ferrari team boss has ideas about what still needs to be changed for the coming years. 'We want a new vehicle concept with new, environmentally friendly technologies by the 2013 season.' Actually, one would like to bring this revolution to the stage earlier, but that would involve significantly higher costs.

Formula 1 has learned from the million dollar flop KERS. 'Besides the high costs, the main problem was that the rules weren't the same for everyone. Some used the system and some didn't. And they were still faster.' Domenicali does not want to write off the hybrid system entirely. 'It could come back in 2011. If it costs less and the same rules apply to everyone. It shouldn't be an advantage for the teams not to use KERS.' On the other hand, the teams have to forego aerodynamic assistance. 'The double diffuser will probably be eliminated from next year,' explains Domenicali.

Ferrari is still struggling with downsizing

So it will be consistent with the rules not give in the future. ThereFerrari is still struggling with the consequences of the latest reforms. In the course of reducing costs, the staff must be drastically reduced. 'It's a big challenge for us. We have to change the way we work and get used to getting by with less.'

Another issue that Ferrari wants to push forward is the lack of a Grand Prix in the USA. 'America is an important market for us. We really want to go back there. Returning to Canada was a step in the right direction. We have to find the best solution for the event. We have spoken to Bernie Ecclestone about this and will Push the topic further. '


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